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SAP on AWS: This is how you benefit from the public cloud

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  • June 29

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Starting the digital success story

What are the benefits of SAP on AWS? How can the switch be made quickly and easily? Our webinar looks behind the scenes of successful projects. The focus is on the hospital group Mitra Keluarga which moved its IT into the AWS world in three months and without any downtime.

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Date: June 29, 2021
Time: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

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Without any downtime in the public cloud

Minimal performance, lack of expertise and constant downtime in the on-premise IT: In the past, the IT operation of the Indonesian hospital group Mitra Keluarga (MIKA) didn't always run smoothly. This needed to change. To do this, MIKA and T-Systems switched its SAP and third-party systems over to AWS – from the development to the productivity environment. Since then, the more stable, scalable infrastructures have enabled a more reliable IT operation. Services required at short notice are always available, in-house capacities are not needed, as MIKA procures the infrastructure as a complete service.

How the AWS and SAP worlds fit together

Curious? In the webinar, our expert Norbert Putz shows how companies of all sectors can create a solid foundation for their processes using SAP on AWS. The business data processing specialist has been involved with both SAP issues and AWS engineering for more than ten years and possesses an excellent overview of both worlds. He has been working as Cloud Architect at T-Systems International since 2019 and supports successful SAP on AWS projects with his many years of experience.

Efficient IT operation

Would you like your IT operation to be designed more efficiently with the public cloud, but don't know to what extent your SAP workloads are suited to it? Find out what the switch to AWS involves and how, together with us, you can set up your IT to be flexible and future-proof.

First-hand information on AWS

AWS Partner – Migration

In the webinar, an AWS expert will report exclusively on the strategic partnership with T-Systems which has been in place since 2018, and the benefits of SAP on AWS. AWS is a global leader in cloud infrastructures and platform services. The cloud provider has already been cooperating with SAP for many years and offers most of the innovations of the major hyperscalers: new tools for big data, internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence are being released on an ongoing basis. AWS Nitro, for example, reduces the hypervisor overhead and enables better utilization of applications such as SAP's available server capacities.

Find out more about our expertise in SAP on AWS and our successful projects.

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