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The evolving future of process industries and utilities

How the chemical, pharma, electronics and utilities industries are designing a sustainable future together

New processes for process industries

Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and utilities all have enormous global footprints – and now they also have a strong set of shared values as they enter a new era of sustainability and resilience. European leaders in the process industries are pursuing digitalization, automation, and optimization, while utilities companies are working hard to strengthen their green energy offering. These transformations are two sides of the same coin.

A collaborative approach to the future

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Business leaders with futuristic vision are taking a collaborative approach to tackling industry-wide challenges. Chemical enterprises are partnering with energy and IT providers to implement their management solutions at scale, and even investing in their own renewable infrastructure. 

This collaboration harnesses innovations from all the involved sectors, enabling them to accelerate towards future-proofing business models and meeting the goals of the European Green Deal.

Only the right technologies can support this transformation at the required speed.

White paper: Efficient energy management for chemicals and pharma

How systematic energy management helps chemical and pharmaceutical companies optimize energy consumption and costs.

Data-driven organizations master their challenges

Technology does more than facilitating existing trends. Tech creates entirely new trends and business models.

CPEU companies are ramping up their computing power and data use, as they run simulations to reduce experiment volumes, speed up product development, and reduce their energy expenditure.

The systems that serve this data environment can unlock further benefits within the organization: simplifying the application landscape, automating repetitive tasks to free up employee time, and designing a new suite of automated services that enable greater customer-centricity and shorter response times.

Top trends in chemical and pharma

Want to get your finger on the pulse of the chemical and pharma industries? Our trendbook identifies the biggest business and tech trends, and action areas that companies can focus on to become leaders in these trends.

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