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New digital twin offering – powered by NVIDIA Omniverse

T-Systems offers NVIDIA Omniverse, running on a sovereign European cloud platform

October 17 2023

DevOps, data intelligence and consulting services will also be provided

T-Systems International is now offering its customers NVIDIA Omniverse, a platform for connecting and developing complex 3D pipelines and Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD) applications for industrial digitalization.

First major customer from the automotive industry operating first use-cases in NVIDIA Omniverse

With Omniverse, enterprises can unify their 3D tools and data with the OpenUSD standard, allowing teams to collaborate remotely via photorealistic visualizations and simulations of, for example, production lines and industrial facilities. T-Systems will provide the migration and management of a secure, sovereign, European cloud platform for customers interested in Omniverse. A major German automotive producer is T-Systems’ first customer already live on the platform.

By connecting their various CAD tools and data to NVIDIA Omniverse, via a unified USD-based data pipeline, manufacturers can create digital twins that allow their cross-disciplinary and geographically-dispersed teams to collaborate in real-time and simulate their facilities and production processes rapidly, cost-efficiently, sustainably and at scale. Using digital twins and connecting teams in this way can deliver transformative outcomes in areas such as product development, safety and quality testing, as well as staff training, with many further possibilities. By offering Omniverse to its customers across the manufacturing and automotive industries, T-Systems aims to help them boost innovation, increase the efficiency of their planning process, eliminate costly errors, and reduce barriers to rapid industrial digitalization. The Deutsche Telekom business customer IT subsidiary will also provide DevOps, data intelligence and consulting services.   

Offering NVIDIA Omniverse at T-Systems will enable digitalization, innovation and sustainability. T-Systems’ delivery of secure and sovereign cloud platforms is a be a big step for European industry and for our customers to make full use of Omniverse.

Adel Al-Saleh, T-Systems CEO and Board Member at Deutsche Telekom

T-Systems’ offering will accelerate the journey to digitization

“Simulation and digital twins bring a myriad of opportunities to the industrial manufacturing sector. T-Systems’ offering of NVIDIA Omniverse will help manufacturers accelerate their journey to digitization”, said Markus Hacker, Regional Director Enterprise Business, DACH, at NVIDIA.

How do we prepare for a digital future?

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