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Best in class for ServiceNow services in Europe

PAC INNOVATION RADAR ServiceNow services in Europe 2021

Best in Class in IT Workflows and Creator Workflows

T-Systems, together with its subsidiary, operational services (OS) has yet again exhibited exemplary capabilities in delivering ‘Best in Class’ services for ServiceNow for the European market. In its report titled INNOVATION RADAR ServiceNow Services for Europe 2021, PAC evaluated 19 vendors and positioned T-Systems/OS as best in class in two categories – IT Workflows and Creator Workflows.

End-to-end solutions and maximum value for clients

PAC Radar – Best in Class Logos for „IT Workflows“ und „Creator Workflows“.

Leading the edge in emerging technologies & growing markets strengths has enabled T-Systems/OS to nurture a sizeable, certified talent pool into sects of subject matter experts to outperform in the services’ competitive terrain. T-Systems/OS, a global elite partner of ServiceNow, delivers end-to-end solutions and maximum value to its clients. T-Systems/OS maintains a strong and active ecosystem of partners such as Agineo, KPMG, Aavenir, Plat4Mation and CareAR to name a few.

Best in class competence in IT workflows

PAC Innovation Radar Graphic “IT Workflows”

T-Systems/OS’ diverse ServiceNow implementation strategy and overall expertise in business & IT transformation enables its customers to deliver solutions faster to the market. T-Systems/OS’ comprehensive portfolio of solutions further enhances their implementation & support competencies and help address specific regional and vertical challenges. T-Systems/OS’ hosting capabilities for regulated industries stand out. With its Integrated Service Automation framework, T-Systems/OS changes application management for businesses by delivering quicker time-to-value. T-Systems/OS additionally enables consumers to transform their businesses by augmenting ServiceNow’s capabilities in connectivity, 5G, tools, and security for industrial IoT.

Create smart, efficient IT processes

Do you need to automate and modernize your IT services? T-Systems/OS has the expertise and a robust solutions portfolio to help you. Download report to know more.

Strong capabilities in Creator Workflow Solutions

PAC Innovation Radar Graphic "Creator Workflows”

T-Systems/OS has built a strong narrative around providing a safe platform for customers to create their own bespoke processes – an area that is expected to see significant growth as the industry shifts toward citizen development. T-Systems/OS has a competitive edge in creating & delivering solution workflows for its customers in European region specifically with emerging technological capabilities of cloud computing. T-Systems/OS is rated as best in class for Creator Workflows due to its strong platform focus aimed at helping clients build their own custom workflows, strong local delivery capabilities and a sizeable pool of certified talent.

Build low-code apps, quickly

T-Systems/OS will help you build a library of solutions and solve problems related to your custom apps. Download your free copy to know more.

Accelerate your digitalization plans with us!

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The ‘Made in Germany’ approach adopted by T-Systems/OS resonates deeply with its clients’ specific regional and industry challenges. The investment strategy and vision of the team at T-Systems/OS shows real promise in a highly competitive market.

Ollie O’Donoghue, PAC

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