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Flowing with the Future

The future, like change, can be a terrifying prospect for many. But a futuristic outlook means that change becomes easier to embrace. In this first edition of the Future Practice magazine, you’ll find exclusive insights into the digital future of business and society and the benefits of a sustainable outlook for the only planet that we inhabit.

Adel Al-Saleh, T-Systems CEO.
Adel Al-Saleh, T-Systems CEO

“Respire - the call to inspire”

When our customers dare to take a deep breath again, it doesn’t just reveal a lot of hope, but also entails a clear request.

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A car is built by rotobics

Like mother and daughter

Catena-X is becoming the digital ecosystem for Europe's automakers. In the process, another major project is providing welcome obstetrics.

Two people climbing a mountain, one man helping the other

Growing with your customers

Is Customer Success Management yet another buzzword? Deep-dive into how it links your success to that of your customers.

The skyline of a city in the sunset with a white mesh structure hovering over it

Corona pandemic: key to digital transformation?

The Covid-19 crisis led to a surge in digitalization. Know about why companies should continue to digitize afterwards.

Dr. Andreas Winckler, head of IT at Messe Frankfurt.

Reimagining events after the pandemic

Post Covid-19, how is the trade fair industry adapting? Our exclusive interview with Dr. Andreas Winckler, Chief of IT at Messe Frankfurt.

A woman sits in front of a machine wearing safety goggles

Factory of the future at TU Graz

T-Systems provided an important link that solved the puzzle facing Austria’s Graz University of Technology.

Machine for filling medicines

A digital dose for logistics in Pharma 4.0

Digital technologies are transforming logistics and driving disruptive changes in the Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals sector.

Shanghai skyline in the evening sun

A stairway to blue sky in Huainan

A Chinese Megacity reduced CO₂ emissions by more than 5 megatons per year – with help from T-Systems.

A woman on crutches stands by a lake and smiles

Speeding up patient care

BARMER digitized its manual processes covering 30,000 medical aids and 3,000 medical stores with support from T-Systems.

Detail picture of a charging plug of an e-charging station in a car

Ensuring that e-mobility doesn’t stall

Comfort Charge relies on T-Systems’ SAP expertise to keep batteries fully-charged and billing processes transparent.

A man's and a women's hand put together two puzzle pieces.

The Art of Collaboration

Find out how a close collaboration between organizations and their customers can drive future business transformation.

Robots are building cars.

When robots improve themselves

Smarter welding: The AI Solution Factory simplifies quality controls for automotive companies.

Wind turbines and solar panels during sunrise

Sustainability in numbers

How does one measure sustainability? With a sustainability dashboard. Know more about how T-Systems makes this possible.

A paper boat is drawn out of the sea by a red balloon.

Leading with ideas in the Digital Age

The pandemic pushed organizations to innovate and responsive pilots, like T-Systems, navigated the choppy waters.

A crossroad with some cars that are surrounded by blue circles.

ITS World Congress 2021: Pearls of Mobility

Safe, sustainable, efficient: The ITS World Congress 2021 in Hamburg provided insights into the exciting future of mobility.

Man holds out hand, above it floats a castle on a shield

Is it up against the wall?

Read about how a German federal state’s cybersecurity policy set an example to other public institutions across the world.

A tree growing out of an IT bord with earth.

The financial industry and sustainable business practices

How the capital market can contribute to sustainable business practices through environmental, social, and governance (ESG) requirements.

A business man making online banking.

Ethical Use of BDAI

Find out why German regulating body BaFin recently released supervisory principles to monitor the use of Big Data & AI.

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