Respire - the call to inspire

Adel Al-Saleh, T-Systems CEO 2018-2023

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the global economy, millions of businesses, and us as individuals very hard. While we hardly dare to breathe a sigh of relief, we continue to be cautiously optimistic.

This “New Normal” calls for new practices, those that create a better foundation for current and future success. With this aim, we have now relaunched our award-winning Best Practice magazine in a slightly different format and with a new name – Future Practice. I am really delighted about this personally. Because I believe that when our customers dare to take a deep breath again, it doesn’t just reveal a lot of hope, but also entails a clear request. To us. And that includes a request for thought leadership.

And thought leadership starts with introspection, which leads to questions. Above all, questions about the impact any change has on our environment, our lives, and our work.

Now, as Friedrich Nietzsche once wrote, “the good questioner is already half answered.” However, while this does not automatically make it easier to find answers, it does make it more difficult to ask the right question.

At T-Systems and Deutsche Telekom, we believe that big questions have the power to unlock the future’s potential. That our future might even depend on asking the right questions. And we need more people who have the courage to do exactly that. To be led by questions rather than seduced by quick answers.

We call them “Chief Tomorrow Officers” and are looking for them specifically among Generation Z. The 20-somethings who, in a decade, will make up 30 percent of the global workforce. The “Chief Tomorrow Officer” is not really a job in the traditional sense – rather, we use the term to describe a new generation of leaders who think positively and in a forward-looking way, and who exert influence across the company’s departments.

These are leaders who encourage employees to find new solutions because they want to be part of that solution and not remain part of the problem. And who, in the process, also answer the questions that we as IT service providers need to be asking ourselves: Who are our future customers and employees? What does the future customer experience look like? How do we engage Generation Z? How can AI enhance people's productivity and provide them with a stress-free work environment? How can we utilize IT & AI to solve potential environmental crises? Which industries do not need to be in constant reinvention? How can we make urban mobility more efficient?

This first edition of Future Practice will give you some initial clues, and is intended to offer encouragement as well as ideas. For example, our strategic approach to customer success management, the article on our Syrah sustainability dashboard, our low-cost mobility management solution, or the numerous exhibits and speeches from T-Systems and Deutsche Telekom at the ITS World Congress about the mobility of the future at the ITS World Congress, which concluded recently at Hamburg.”

Yours sincerely

Adel Al-Saleh


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