A sickroom being a film location

All in a day’s time!

It took just a day at the digital studio Hyperbowl to produce T-Systems’ first fully virtual brand movie, which stitched together four stories to project the company’s ultra-futuristic outlook. 

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Valentine’s Day 2022 couldn’t have been a better day to launch the magnum opus, which combines an eye for the business of its customers with a love of digital technology and a passion for the nature. In impressive images, the Brand Movie takes the leap from the present into the future.

The approach

Our new Brand Movie was made in association with Saatchi & Saatchi Düsseldorf and launched simultaneously in 20 countries. It seeks to shine a spotlight on our new corporate strategy, focusing on our advisory, cloud services, digital enablement, and security capabilities through four future-oriented and industry-specific short stories woven together.  

“With the new Brand Movie, we are expanding our successful FUTURE campaign. The focus is on the perspective of our customers. Decision-makers from the automotive, healthcare, public, and public transport sectors ask themselves existential questions about the future of their industry – and find the right answers with the support of T-Systems,” says Annette Brugger, VP – Marketing Communications, T-Systems. She also underlines with enthusiasm the production itself, which was shot with innovative digital technology, and was incredibly sustainable and cost efficient. 

She adds: “There are two aspects which makes this project so exciting for us: First, we were able to translate our strategy into a motion picture. And second, we dramatically altered the way a movie production works: all the different environments were shot completely digitally in one day, at one studio. We were able to leverage new technology to achieve a more environmentally sustainable, time-saving, and cost-efficient production.” 

Entire focus, one target: your future

What we managed to avoid

The motion picture industry is a major contributor to environmental degradation. A recent study by the BFI claims that films produce an average of 2,840 tons of CO2 per production, which is roughly equivalent to the amount absorbed by 3,700 acres of forest in one year! By choosing a single location and, in doing so, significantly reducing the transport that is responsible for half of the emissions in the industry, T-Systems’ Brand Movie production not only reduced resources and costs, but also minimized its environmental impact. Moreover, going virtual was a sensible approach to take during the pandemic, when safety is paramount, travel is restricted, and social distancing is in place. 

The film, produced with the latest digital technology, convincingly communicates the importance of state-of-the-art digital technology for the future of all of us: this is how the medium becomes a message in a creative way. 

Dennis May, Chief Creative Officer, Publicis Groupe Germany

The making of the movie

A man working on his laptop while sitting on a terrace, several cameras around him.

In the Hyperbowl digital studio, real-life situations are combined with a touch of the future.

The movie was produced in the Hyperbowl, near Munich, together with Stereo Films and Harun Hazam as director. In the Hyperbowl, the traditional green screen was replaced by a huge LED wall. The LED wall shows the scene as a 3D projection in real time from the camera’s perspective and thus becomes a window into worlds that seem amazingly realistic. This also means more creative freedom, more control, and less time in post-production. As Harun correctly points out: “In a studio like this – the digital studio Hyperbowl – we combine real life situations with a touch of the future.”

Experience how real and virtual worlds merge with a “behind the scenes” glimpse into the making of the T-Systems Brand Movie, here.

The Brand Movie was also recently mentioned in the magazine Horizont. 

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