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T-Systems powers up its AWS Migration potential

T-Systems is now an AWS Migration Competency Partner: enjoy even faster, easier AWS cloud adoption

May 10 2021

The magenta standard for AWS cloud migration

It’s official: T-Systems has completed a rigorous third-party audit and is now an AWS Migration Competency Partner. More companies than ever are looking to migrate to the cloud – and to do so, they need a structured model incorporating the right tools, knowledge and guidance. AWS Migration Competency Partnership confirms that T-Systems is an expert company who can offer all of this as part of an end-to-end migration plan.

Accelerate your digitalization journey

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AWS Migration Competency Partner status also unlocks new benefits and opportunities for T-Systems customers. It opens up access to the AWS Migration Acceleration Program: a proven methodology for fast and smooth journeys to the cloud. T-Systems Cloud Migration Framework delivers the best of AWS technology and practice at every stage: from cloud readiness, to preparation, to an agile migration and finally a transition to managed cloud services. It simplifies the migration and makes the benefits a reality far quicker.

Making cloud the new normal, together

AWS Partner – Migration

This is the next step in a three-year partnership between AWS and T-Systems, focused on supporting enterprises as they move their workloads to cloud. Combining AWS’s globally established platforms and development capability with T-Systems’ extensive experience managing client migrations, the partnership is designed to place one thing at its core: customer success, driving enterprises forward while understanding their needs. Together, AWS and T-Systems are working to make cloud the ‘new normal’ and something that delivers practical benefits for every business.

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Ensure a smooth migration

Together with AWS, we have created best practices for a smooth transition that we can also use to successfully and securely migrate your systems into AWS.

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