Teleoperated Driving Demo

The future of the professional driver

Ottopia and T-Systems co-innovate teleoperated driving

March 10 2020

The driver is in Stuttgart, the car is in Tel Aviv

The Israeli startup Ottopia and T-Systems showed the future of the professional driver live in Stuttgart. The driver controls the car with a steering wheel and pedals like a video gamer. Only: the whole thing is real. The driver is in Stuttgart, the car is in a closed parking lot in Tel Aviv. In between there are 4,000 kilometers. Ottopia's technology is the basis for very specific applications: the long-distance driver moves the trailer and swap body in the truck yard. Or he transfers a finished car from the end of the production line to the parking lot. Or he jumps in when autonomously driving taxis are overwhelmed with unexpected situations. The new long-distance driver doesn't even leave his office.

Partnership for teleoperated driving

In the video, Andreas Greis and Joachim Klink from T-Systems together with Amit Rosenzweig from Ottopia explain how the proof-of-concept works.

We work with Ottopia because they enable uninterrupted services even under difficult network conditions. For example with the current public LTE networks in remote or hard-to-reach places.

Joachim Klink, Head of Autonomous Driving & Integrated Mobility

Artificial intelligence enables safe driving

Ori Gold from Ottopia presents the remote driver seat and the cockpit for teleoperated driving.

The challenge lies in transferring the huge amounts of data from the car to the driver's monitors via the radio cell. It is about four video streams in full high definition resolution. The transfer should not take more than 200 milliseconds, otherwise the overall response time will be too slow. For this, Ottopia relies on artificial intelligence. It predicts the utilization of the radio cell in a few seconds. This enables uninterrupted services even under difficult network conditions - even with public LTE networks in remote locations. For this, Ottopia and T-Systems received the Global Innovation Award from the “Startup Autobahn” innovation platform.

Winners of the Global Innovation Award

Representatives from T-Systems and Ottopia hold the Global Innovation Award in their hands.

From left to right: Nadine Öhrlein, T-Systems, Joachim Klink, T-Systems, Amit Rosenzweig, Ottopia, Ori Gold, Ottopia

T-Systems has been a partner of the Startup Autobahn innovation platform since March 2019. The Expo Day in February 2020 was all about the projects and collaborations between startups and industry partners. They presented their open innovation and tech results in the areas of the future of mobility, smart production and enterprise 2.0. The “Startup Autobahn” Global Innovation Award went to Ottopia and T-Systems. 

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