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Hermann Hänle

Head of Global Automotive Marketing

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Porträt von Hermann Hänle, Senior Manager, Sales Marketing Automotive, T-Systems

Hermann Hänle, Senior Manager Sales Marketing Automotive, T-Systems International

Hermann Hänle is Senior Manager in Sales Marketing Automotive at T-Systems International and an expert in the field of digitalization and automotive.

He studied technical business administration at the University of Stuttgart, specializing in automotive engineering, and also earned a European Master of Business Science degree during his studies. Already as a student he worked in various positions at Daimler, Porsche, Festo and others in Mexico and France.

At Deutsche Telekom he started in the international audit team. His stations led him from Service Delivery Management for Mercedes-Benz Bank to Marketing and Market Intelligence. In the meantime he is responsible for sales marketing for automotive topics and always has an eye on current trends and tendencies.

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Inside of a Car looking from the backseat fowards the front, lots of numbers in the foreground
April 21 2021 | Automotive

Quicker in development – the Remote Testlab

How vehicle manufacturers are optimizing development and test processes for embedded software with digital solutions.
Graphic representation of a car that draws blue lines behind it.
May 11 2020 | Automotive

200,000 key figures in real time

Thanks to T-Systems, SEAT is able to keep track of all goods – on the road and in the warehouse.
Illustration of a lightbulb made of white lines and a yellow ball of paper.
April 15 2020 | Automotive

Necessity is the mother of invention

Remarkable cooperation and creativity help to get through the crisis.
A man with working trousers, gloves and a silver pipe pulled over his head, dances quasi blind in a workshop.
January 31 2020 | Automotive

The smooth factory

Remember the acoustic coupler? It's a device from the "When the internet learned to walk" section.
Roundabout from above, in which many cars drive that are connected via digital networks
October 02 2019 | Automotive

Autonomously Autonomous? Nothing can Happen in Isolation

Sometimes, just after getting up in the morning, I catch myself thinking that a self-propelled car is taking me to the office.
View from an autonomously driving car on nocturnal road traffic.
September 09 2019 | Automotive

Autonomous Eyes

Autonomous cars need onboard intelligence to process the data captured by the sensors.
Green and blue paper spirals twisted into each other on a pink background.
August 16 2019 | Automotive

Something different for a Change: Co-Innovation

So why not leave the well-worn paths and solve problems with new approaches like co-innovation?
Visual graphics of a car consisting of interconnected dots and lines.
July 11 2019 | Automotive

Connected Cars – a little bit Extra

More powerful networks such as 5G will allow increasingly advanced in-car services in the future.
Installation of a cloud of white plastic
June 07 2019 | Automotive

On-site Taming of the Data Monster

The problem has long been known in science: Researchers produce more data than can be processed.
Bird's eye view of runners on road with different coloured arrows and markings.
May 08 2019 | Automotive

Agility as an Automobile Maxim

The expectations of car users today are demanding. Without agile methods, car manufacturers will therefore not be successful in this era.
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