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Marten Bütow

Senior Solution Sales Manager

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Marten Bütow, Senior Solution Sales Manager, T-Systems International

Marten Bütow has been working at Deutsche Telekom since 2000. He began his career with the company at Telekom Central Billing Services and has been working in the collaboration and workplace services at T-Systems since 2003. His initial focus was the service desk and field service, but he has also been addressing the cloud technology involved in collaboration services since 2013.

Since 2019 he extended his scope within the Portfolio Unit “Cloud Services” to Business Development.

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Two people at a table together in a video call
May 23 2022 | Cloud Services

Carefree digital collaboration

How "OpenSource Collaboration" facilitates efficient wireless collaboration while ensuring data protection.
Picture of a computer board with a recycling symbol on top
February 28 2020 | Collaboration

Used Licenses help cut the Digital Workplace TCO

“Like new, only used once” – you’ve seen that before, right?
Woman serves a variety of round icons on a glowing tablet.
February 14 2020 | Collaboration

Collaboration Tools – How about a little More?

Four men after sport. They've polished off the pizza and are sitting over the obligatory espresso. Four small cups hover over the table. Each is flanked by the unavoidable biscuit…
White tablet in front of a bright sky, slightly enveloped by a white cloud.
January 31 2020 | Collaboration

The Secure Future Workplace? Just Hybrid, please!

Agile, future-oriented, innovative companies can't help it: they rely on the public cloud.
Two hands in a bluish light extend the fingertips, between which a light spot appears.
January 17 2020 | Collaboration

Collaboration Tools – as you Like it

Microsoft Office is the standard for the Digital Workplace. Working without Word, Powerpoint and Excel? Hard to imagine.
Picture of four hands that grip each other around the wrist and thus form a square.
November 05 2019 | Collaboration

Two-Class Society

New generations of workers are putting the established work system and collaboration culture to the test.
Image of a man in a modern building holding a smartphone with a gas balloon in the shape of a cloud attached to it.
October 18 2019 | Collaboration

About file Sharing and lost Identities

With Microsoft's OneDrive, the fileshare is now moving into office communication and collaboration across the board.
Picture of an artificial cloud in front of a blue background, composed of white spheres of different sizes.
September 23 2019 | Collaboration

Hybrid Hype, Everywhere

Hybrid is the buzzword of the hour. And rightly so.
White, flash-shaped fluorescent tube on a green-black background.
May 10 2019 | Digital

Energy Efficiency cuts Colocation costs

Green times require energy-efficient data centers.
Photo of empty parking spaces, one with the inscription "reserved".
May 03 2019 | Digital

Data center seeks parking space

Finding an affordable parking space is a Herculean task in large German cities - and now imagine you are on the road with a data center.
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