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Paul Schöber

Offering Manager

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Paul Schöber, Offering manager at T-Systems

After graduating in Business Administration, Paul Schöber started his professional career in 2011 as a freelance management consultant before moving to Deutsche Telekom in January 2013 as Product Manager for Products & Innovation. There, Paul Schöber was responsible for the mobile phone insurance project for about four years.

In January 2017, Schöber took over the project management of a major security product in the mobile telephone sector of T-Systems. The product brought about 200,000 new private customers per month. Together with his team, Schöber successfully developed a security app for Apple and Android.

Since April 2018, Paul Schöber has been responsible for cloud, data and application security as Offering Manager at Deutsche Telekom Security/T-Systems International. His tasks include international portfolio and product management, cross-functional control of the cloud security cluster, partner management, as well as market and competition analysis.

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