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BARMER renews partnership with T-Systems

BARMER is continuing on its path toward the digitalization of supply processes alongside T-Systems and HMM Deutschland.

December 02 2020

Mastering the challenges of digitalization

T-Systems has been working with BARMER as a partner for digital aid management since 2009. This year, the health insurance company issued an invitation to tender. The result: T-Systems was awarded the contract. Until 2029, BARMER and T-Systems will work together to bring about further advances in the ongoing digitalization of healthcare.

Satisfied patients thanks to digital aid platform

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In the past, BARMER had already digitalized its administrative processes, for instance. Alongside T-Systems and HMM Deutschland, the health insurance company has developed an aid platform that connects all participants from pharmacies to specialized medical supply stores. This shortens transmission routes and waiting times in relation to the supply of medical aids, effecting a change from several days to just a few hours – and increasing customer satisfaction.

Consistent advancement of digitalization

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T-Systems was responsible for the integration of the aid platform during its development and has been in charge of its secure hosting ever since. By choosing to renew the partnership until 2029, BARMER is consistently progressing along its route toward the universal digitalization of supply processes. The aim is to further increase the satisfaction of insured parties through digital tools and also to bring about a positive effect in relation to administrative costs.

If routine handling tasks are supported increasingly by intelligent digital systems, our staff have more space to care for people who are insured with us.

Jürgen Rothmaier, Deputy Chairman of BARMER’s Managing Board

Many individual steps automated

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The aid platform digitally reproduces all steps involved in the process of supplying medical aids. This eliminates many manual steps. For instance, prescriptions received by mail or fax used to be manually scanned in and had to be read, evaluated, and processed. Many individual steps arose between the receipt of the application, the decision to approve it, and delivery and date confirmation. This meant that insured individuals sometimes had to wait several days for aids – a situation that is now a thing of the past. The digital aid platform speeds up the process from days to hours and relieves the pressure on employees.

We are delighted with BARMER’s vote of confidence. Together we are continuing along the path to consistent digitalization – and taking this to a new level.

Udo Lingen, Vice President Sales Industry Healthcare at T-Systems

Demand for aids seeing strong growth

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BARMER is one of Germany’s largest statutory health insurance companies with nine million insured persons. Demand for medical aids such as glasses and hearing aids, rollators, and special beds is set to increase further in future. With its online aid platform and partners T-Systems and HMM Deutschland, BARMER is perfectly equipped from an organizational and technical perspective to meet increasing requirements heading into the future.

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