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Combine and profit with Connectivity Plus

Greater flexibility. Greater efficiency. Greater benefits. The new benefit package offers more than the sum of its individual services

March 03 2020

The plus for the communication of the future

Communication in companies must be secure and must function reliably. At the same time, it should also be flexible enough to be able to dynamically fulfil new requirements, from applications such as unified communications and IP telephony, for example. For companies, combining flexibility and security is often akin to trying to square a circle. The new benefit package Connectivity Plus from T-Systems offers a solution.

Modular and cost-effective: the building block for VPN, SIP, and UCC services

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Connectivity Plus makes telecommunications simpler for our customers: choose exactly what you need from our services for network, telephony, and collaboration modules – and take advantage of exclusive benefits. Companies can book several telecommunications solutions at once or, for instance, expand and combine existing services such as telephony, SIP gateways, and UCC ports from the cloud.

Irrespective of whether you combine SIP, UCC, a VPN, or internet access, you will always get a contact person and a contract with T-Systems. In this way, telecommunications brings additional added value to your company.

Connectivity Plus makes telecommunications simpler

Which Connectivity Plus modules do you need? We will be happy to advise you on the advantages of networks, IP telephony, UCC and mobile working.

How Connectivity Plus makes more out of your digital communication

How do you manage different telecommunication platforms in companies to harmonize the business? How do purchasing, ownership and operation of telephony, network and collaboration apps remain flexible? In the video you will learn how the new bonus program meets these demanding requirements.

Flexible combinations and scalability at all times

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Connectivity Plus provides your company with the highest possible level of flexibility. You can choose freely from a multitude of modules: from internet access, MPLS, and SD-WAN, through SIP gateways, to UCC. The modules are scalable at all times and can be expanded with new technologies and services.

For example, using unified communications from T-Systems you can dynamically adjust the number of voice channels. Or if you already have an IP-VPN from T-Systems, a central SIP gateway can be set up quickly. Additional benefit: lower costs for maintenance and operation.

Modules for IP-VPN, SIP gateway, and unified communications. Start with the first modular combinations now.

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Take advantage of the new offer now. Right from the start, some of the most popular VPN, SIP, and UCC services offered by T-Systems could be advantageously combined: from the individual networking of locations, for instance via SD-WAN or MPLS, through unified communications from the cloud, to central SIP gateways. All this enables you to, for instance, adapt your telephone system's port count to the number of employees you have on a monthly basis, and the central SIP gateway will likewise be dynamically adjusted. This applies from as little as 100 ports – calculated across all locations.

A plus that grows all the time

Connectivity Plus offer is continuously expanding to include additional solutions and benefits that companies can tap into. Future modules for Connectivity Plus customers include, for example, UCC solutions, LAN services, enterprise mobility management (EMM), and software-defined WAN (SD-WAN).

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