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T-Systems brings customers and suppliers into project management

T-Systems has introduced ServiceNow for project management

May 18 2021

ServiceNow for project management

More than 3,000 T-Systems employees worldwide will use the new tool. The solution supports classic, as well as agile and hybrid project management. It is easy to use, it is transparent, it is platform independent, and it reaches across company boundaries: Project managers and entire teams work hand in hand during planning and execution. And it also works on mobile devices and together with customers as well as suppliers.

With the new platform, we are pushing open the door to a number of innovations that we are bringing to the platform as part of agile development. For example, the integration of IT service and operations management, as well as the possible integration into the business processes of our customers and suppliers.

Christian Hanns Dietrich, Global Project Services at T-Systems

Agility with ServiceNow

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Currently, T-Systems is working on about 400 projects with ServiceNow – about 70 percent of them using the classic waterfall method. 10 percent of the projects are underway using the agile method. A hybrid approach is being pursued by 20 percent.

ServiceNow: the starboard for your company

Simplify complex processes with us and let the ServiceNow platform manage routine tasks.

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We look forward to your project!

We want to share our positive experience with ServiceNow in project management with you. Let’s initiate a joint partnership for your future-oriented project management.

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