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T-Systems is MuleSoft’s “Germany Partner of the Year 2021”

Customers benefit from direct access to the latest technological developments and end-to-end services

March 29 2021

Networking data and systems

Within businesses, the networking of data and systems is, for the most part, time-consuming, costly and increases with the growing number of IT projects. The connectivity platform from T-Systems partner MuleSoft provides APIs and integrations centrally on a foundation that allows applications, data, and systems to be connected more quickly. In digitalization projects, important interface connections for the new system, often point to point, are frequently not implemented at the end of the project for reasons of cost or time. However, the mere implementation does not yet offer the company any real benefit; while data is recorded and maintained in digital form, it is not connected to other important company systems containing, for example, relevant customer data. This results in data silos.

Central platform creates significant value for customers

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Acquired by Salesforce in 2018, MuleSoft is not just speeding up the Salesforce ecosystem, it is also helping to provide interfaces to other company applications via a central platform for APIs and integrations, the Anypoint Platform™. APIs enable a unified and simplified communication between the various IT systems within a company in the form of simple, flexible standard interfaces. Information, which is currently divided between different parts of an organization, can thus be quickly and efficiently compiled together. The application possibilities for the company are multifaceted and stretch from the connection with SAP and alternative systems to Salesforce customer management, the creation of extensive internal employee apps and, finally, up to the SAP S/4-Hana® migration.

Advantages for T-Systems’ customers: everything from a single source

Within the scope of the partnership, T-Systems allows its customers direct access to the latest technological developments and end-to-end services, from consultation to implementation – everything from a single source. This enables flexible business operations: from the public, hybrid, or private cloud. Through the close cooperation of the Telekom subsidiary with MuleSoft, the joint market approach, and the use of future-proof technologies in projects, both partners can continue the development of the integration solution. This allows T-Systems’ customers to use the speed and flexibility of their integration structure as a competitive advantage on the market. The reusable components offer savings of more than 60 percent with regard to maintenance costs, as well as a 60 percent improvement in speed and efficiency, such as through point-and-click instead of programming.

Digital transformation and agility

“MuleSoft is a market leader in the API and iPaas segments, and with that an important and strategic partner in the ecosystem and often indispensable when it comes to the issue of our customers’ digital transformations. Our strategy as T-Systems is ‘Cloud-first’, which means: we help our customers to map their applications, workloads, processes and procedures in the cloud and transform these into flexible microservices, to enable digital value creation to take place. Facilitating this requires cross-platform communication. In this regard, MuleSoft has shown itself to be a vital and reliable partner, one that is not only able to provide the interface technology, but is also skilled in vertical solutions,” emphasizes Knuth Molzen, VP, Global Head Digital Solutions Sales, T-Systems. “We are proud that MuleSoft likewise values our partnership and has acknowledged this by naming us their “Germany Partner of the Year 2021”. This enables us to continue to provide our customers with the support and reliable service to which they are accustomed in the DACH region,” Molzen concludes.

“Since, with the demands of digitalization, the integration of increasingly newer systems, data, and processes will become more important and this in turn will require a robust platform, MuleSoft is also enjoying strong growth in central Europe. This can only work with deep-rooted, trust-based partnerships,” explains Tobias Nittel, Senior Director Alliances DACH at MuleSoft.

It is great to see how our partnership with T-Systems has picked up speed and, on this basis, is helping our mutual customers to become faster and better. T-Systems’ commitment to mutual advancement is impressive and encourages us to make further progress with our Partner of the Year.

Tobias Nittel, Senior Director Alliances DACH at MuleSoft.

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