Unbundling and merging for ENSO.

ENSO: Separating and combining SAP systems at the same time

Unbundling and fusion in one swoop: Utility company ENSO needed to unbundle sales and production and took the opportunity to combine its electricity and gas divisions.
In the wake of the liberalization of the energy market in the EU, the German Federal Network Agency has called upon energy providers to separate their energy production and network divisions. One of the aims of the unbundling requirement is to boost competition in the energy sector.
ENSO was asked to unbundle the two divisions, which means also decoupling the company's IT systems, like SAP IS-U, and the affiliated data for production and the power grid. Those in charge at ENSO decided to combine the previously separate electricity and gas divisions while they were at it.
Many companies in the utilities industry use the industry-tailored software solution SAP IS-U (Industry Solutions utilities) to run their companies. They use the system to manage customer data, bill customers for energy consumption and usage or to manage their electricity, gas and water meters. As a regional utility company, ENSO Energie Sachsen OST AG uses SAP as well.

Standard processes save money

For T-Systems, that meant making two projects out of one and combining two systems to create one, single system during the unbundling process. To make this happen, SAP experts unbundled individual task areas in the SAP IS-U system within the scope of sub-projects, keeping both the unbundling and fusion processes in mind all the while. They managed to do both within one year. When the project was over, ENSO was able to benefit from standardized processes in both business segments, resulting in a reduced workload and fewer costs.

More about ENSO customer reference

  • Product of the fusion of ENSO Strom AG and ENSO Erdgas GmbH
  • ENSO Energie Sachsen Ost AG is a subsisdiary of EnergieVerbund Dresden
  • The company provides electricity, natural gas, heat, water and other services to half a million customers in eastern Saxony
  • ENSO services around 450,000 electricity and 120,000 gas meters.
  • Consolidation of all energy-related processes from billing and meter management to finance, account auditing and statistics
  • Separation of SAP applications for grid and sales services
  • Fusion of gas and electricity divisions conducted at the same time
  • Division of existing SAP IS-U systems onto two ECC 6.03-version SAP applications
  • As-Is analysis, concept development, tests and implementation from one source
  • Individual SAP IS-U modules unbundled within the scope of sub-projects
  • Provision of interfaces to non-SAP systems
  • Data migration
  • Fast realization of fusion and unbundling
  • ENSO has benefited from bundling its SAP systems for its electricity and gas divisions
  • Electricity and gas can now be billed together; only one bill needs to be sent out
  • Restructuring efforts cut in half
  • Standardizing business processes reduces workload and costs
  • Company can continue to benefit from employee expertise by using SAP IS-U
  • Stable standard solution that is easy to maintain
  • Better sales argument
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