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International automotive components manufacturer Magna uses scalable resources in line with changing business needs. Dynamic Services have slashed the cost of operating SAP systems.

Magna International Inc.: Scalable, on-demand SAP resources

Magna is the world’s most highly diversified automotive components supplier. Almost 75,000 employees across 25 countries develop, design and manufacture components and entire systems. Magna leverages SAP ERP software to manage just-in-time/just-in-sequence production. As a result of multiple acquisitions, Magna’s IT environment had grown complex, with a plethora of operating systems and databases. Some IT departments managed their own SAP servers, whereas others had outsourced. In 2008, the decision was taken to consolidate the landscape, and to select a single partner for SAP operations, including system administration, user support and SAP consulting. A key criterion was that resources no longer be designed for peak load, but for scalability, with usage-based pricing.

Halving the costs of SAP operations with a scalable platform

T-Systems created a virtualized server landscape for Magna Exteriors & Interiors. Magna benefits from SAP resources that can scaled according to the ups and downs of business. And Magna is not tied to predefined quantities – pricing is on a pay-as-you-go basis. Against this background, Magna halved annual operating costs. Moreover, T-Systems is responsible for applications management and consulting. That means mission-critical SAP systems are highly available and will continue to be enhanced going forward. What’s more, excellent quality of service comes as standard. Since the beginning of 2011, 4,500 users at Magna Exteriors & Interiors have been supported by T-Systems’ SAP experts via a trouble-ticketing system.

More about Magna International Inc.

  • Magna is the world’s most highly diversified automotive components supplier
  • Almost 75,000 employees in 25 countries develop, manufacture and assemble components and systems.
  • Magna develops and assembles entire vehicles for OEMs in North America, Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.
  • Magna’s Exteriors & Interiors subsidiary specializes in components and systems for vehicle interiors
  • Magna’s strengths lie in design, development and assembly with just-in-time delivery.
  • Consolidation of SAP systems and applications across Europe
  • Standardized operating model, including systems administration, user support and SAP consulting
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Reduced complexity, lower operating costs, high availability
  • Virtualization of SAP systems and scalable resources
  • Single partner for system administration, storage management, backup and security services
  • Process-driven service model for SAP operations and consulting
  • Support for 4,500 users and a guaranteed time-to-resolution
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Consolidation of operating systems and applications
  • A time-to-resolution of less than two hours for production systems at all locations across Europe
  • SAP resources that can be scaled according to demand at short notice
  • Costs reflect actual usage
  • Expenditure on SAP operations halved – Magna saves around 50,000 euros per month
  • Higher quality of service for all sites
  • Skilled professionals provide consulting and support for application management
  • Foundations laid for transformational outsourcing
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