T-Systems also offers hosting of the solutions in an Infrastructure-as-a-Serivce (IAAS) model.

A cloud portfolio optimally designed for digital transformation

"Thanks to far-reaching cloud services that are continuously fine-tuned to meet customer needs, TSI is very well positioned for digital challenges." – ISG 2018
Henning Heinrich
Henning Heinrich

Head of Marketing Strategy & Planning and Influencer Management

Provider Lens™: Digital Transformation Services & Solutions

In its rating of providers of digital transformation services, the Information Services Group (ISG) ranks T-Systems as the leader in two categories: intelligent business solutions (PaaS) and intelligent operations for large accounts. In the current ISG Provider Lens™ “Digital Transformation Services & Solutions 2018,” the IT business analyst rated all market-relevant providers.
As reasons for T-Systems’ leadership in intelligent operations (private cloud), ISG pointed in particular to the company’s comprehensive cloud portfolio that leaves nothing to be desired, highly secure data centers with locations in Germany, its wide network of partners and the integration of technological trends. While T-Systems was named the leader in the large accounts segment, Telekom Deutschland GmbH assumed a strong position in the mid-market segment (small and medium-sized enterprises).
With offers like the Open Telekom Cloud and the German trusteeship for Office365, ISG also ranks Telekom and T-Systems among the leading public cloud providers in Germany and, thus, as leaders for intelligent business solutions/platforms as a service. The product range received a positive rating thanks to secure, local data processing and good value for money.
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Dank der Integration technologischer Trends stuft ISG die Telekom und T-Systems als Digital-Transformation-Leader ein.

Strengths in intelligent operations:

  • A far-ranging cloud portfolio
  • Operations in customer data centers or as a cloudified solution from T-Systems’ data centers
  • Highly secure and ISO 27001-certified data centers
  • Partnerships with all major hyperscale public cloud providers
  • Multi-cloud architecture with a complete value chain
  • Coverage of different requirements with the help of hybrid cloud models
  • Long-term partnerships with leading technology providers
  • Strong consulting and service integration skills
  • Integration of technological trends like data analytics, the Internet of Things and cybersecurity

Strengths in intelligent business solutions:

  • Secure and local data processing and storage based on German standards
  • Strong products with best-of-breed business services
  • Professional integration services that are virtually unique in the marketplace and are tailored to customer needs
  • Good value for money
  • Local and professional service and support
  • Freedom in the invoicing model
  • Collaboration with partners (e.g., Huawei, Microsoft, SAP) for technical and business quality
  • Partnerships with universities and start-ups for a high level of innovation
  • Satisfied customers in many areas

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