The business integration platform supports the development of pioneering applications for interconnected driving.
Business Integration Platform

Central App Store for networked driving

The business integration platform is at the core of all the mobile services provided in an interconnected vehicle. Your car manufacturer can use it to centrally manage the usage data of mobile apps.
It manages vehicle users, records services purchased and prepares usage-based invoices for the billing system. Its purpose is to give end customers individualized driving experiences through the personalized provision of premium apps. The apps in turn provide valuable information and enable service providers to connect with customers and provide even better customer service.

Trends & drivers

The business integration platform supports the development of pioneering applications for interconnected driving
Mobile in-vehicle services for drivers. Improved services for car manufacturers.

Customer requirements

Top quality services ensure that also in the digital realm the premium demands of customers can be catered to. Competing on the car market with innovative solutions and leading through quality also in digital services. Customer loyalty through innovative service and business model (value-added services) and through the development of an attractive sales channel (App Store).

The solution

  • Comprehensive solution comprising requirements management, software development, testing and integration, and installation
  • A high degree of automation in the areas of testing and deployment using an innovative “Testing-as-a-Service” model
  • Configuration of new, mobile products and services. Subsequent invoicing according to usage
  • Personalized services enable customer to take apps and settings with them when changing vehicles
The benefits for the customer
Modern, highly flexible interactive platform
A digital industry platform as the basis for innovation and growth
Top quality is ensured at each evolutionary step
Increased customer satisfaction through appropriate services provided in real time and through switching from vehicle-specific to person-specific services (personalization)
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