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CloudHub in Berlin

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Co-creation in the Cloud Technology Center

  • Experience cloud innovations live
  • Consulting on the basis of current use cases
  • Joint implementation of proof of concepts (PoC)
  • Fast results thanks to value prototyping
  • Integration and orchestration of cloud solutions
  • Organization of workshops and roadshows
Aksel Gönül
Aksel Gönül

Cloud Managed Services - Strategy & Steering

Customers meet cloud experts in the CloudHub

Welcome to the Cloud Technology Center: the home of the cloud. In the heart of Berlin, in an old clothing store in an historic ambiance, industry meets modernity. Here, visitors can experience the latest cloud innovations at close quarters. In addition, prototypes are also developed in the CloudHub. T-Systems' cloud experts not only advise companies, but also jointly develop solution scenarios and implement innovative proof of concepts. Individual cloud solutions are created in an agile and interactive co-creation process; from the initial idea, to consulting services, migration concepts, the implementation of cloud solutions with the customer, as well as managed cloud services.

Using computing power from the cloud

What makes the CloudHub so special are the many vivid practical examples: it allows interested companies to experience the use of the cloud in a playful way. For example, the machine learning technology TensorFlow allows algorithms to be trained and used in a variety of ways. This is exemplified by a digital work of art. One simply loads any photograph into the TensorFlow program. It then uses previously learned algorithms of brushstrokes, coloring and haptics to transform the photo into a "masterpiece" à la Rembrandt, van Gogh or Munch. The large amount of computing power required for this process is provided via special hardware graphics cards from the Open Telekom Cloud.
CloudHub in Berlin
T-Systems Cloud Tech Center bei rent24
Oberwallstr. 6
10117 Berlin

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CloudHub gives customers the opportunity to follow the development of their cloud solution; from the initial concept, to the realization, all the way through to the implementation.

Communicating the benefits couldn’t be easier

AWS DeepRacer

The showcase of the AWS DeepRacer also shows that complex computing processes can be easily transferred to the cloud. With the help of AWS Public Cloud and machine learning, a remote-controlled model car equipped with sensors can be trained. With the help of the customer, training functions are developed, simulated and finally transferred to the vehicle. The success of the programming and the learning processes becomes apparent "on the road", when the racer drives around the bends independently. This allows real processes to be trained and simulated in a virtual cloud environment. The technology can be transferred to a wide range of business and production applications in industry.

Automated control of workflows: from end to end

The retail segment shows the fruits that direct cooperation between companies and T-Systems can bear in the CloudHub: instead of writing down the various problems that can arise in a supermarket on a piece of paper, this solution uses automated and digital recording. Sensors register full garbage cans and empty vending machines, defective refrigerators or temperature fluctuations in the vegetable compartment in real time. The IoT devices send the data directly to the Cloud for evaluation. In predefined workflows – created here via ServiceNow – the necessary actions can be initiated automatically and mapped in a dashboard. The garbage can gets emptied, the refrigerator repaired and staff re-sort the vegetables. Managers and employees always have an eye on the entire process chain – automatically, from end to end.

Realizing new ideas together

The various use cases in the CloudHub motivate visitors to try out new technologies. For example, Several start-ups are already using the Open Telekom Cloud to map and implement AI algorithms for their business models. The functional scope of the OTC is therefore under constant development in close cooperation with the companies. The cloud team involves customers in product development, provides feedback and suggests new solutions for a shared digital future in accordance with T-Systems' motto "Let's power higher performance".

Space for creative collaboration

The CloudHub is located in a co-working space in the heart of Berlin. This allows customers to benefit from the synergy effects of the community at the tech location in Berlin's Oberwallstrasse. With a private office space, the Cloud Technology Center offers space for around 20 people and thus provides enough space for creative collaboration, even in larger project teams. Conference rooms, extensive community areas and a cinema hall for presentations complement the working environment and make the CloudHub an all-round inspiring innovation location.