ICT quality is a key criterion when choosing a service provider. Certification and partnerships are important indicators.
T-Systems Code Zero experts quickly and reliably restore business-critical IT services so that they function stably again.

Out of the crisis with Code Zero

Experts stabilize your IT services in an emergency

  • Stabilizing IT operations in the event of an acute crisis
  • IT health check for all business-critical systems in use
  • Optimizing core IT processes, governance and management
  • Developing a service improvement plan

Code Zero: the expert team for rescuing your IT operations

System downtimes, the failure of business-critical IT services, operational faults – these problems can not only be expensive, in extreme cases, they can even threaten the existence of companies if they occur on a regular basis. In cases like these, companies urgently need help from experts in order to restore IT operations as quickly as possible and reduce the likelihood of further downtimes in the future.
With Code Zero, T-Systems has developed an emergency service which does just that. A team of experts visits the company and from day one works to stabilize IT and oversee incident and change management in a professional manner. A 360° assessment of critical IT services shows where processes, platforms, governance and security can be improved. On this basis, a service improvement plan (SIP) with specific recommendations for the future is produced. In the final check when the crisis is over, IT is handed back to the company for long-term optimization.

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“In emergencies, we restore your business-critical IT services quickly and reliably!”
Kai Brachmann, VP Global Customer Care, T-Systems

How can my company benefit from Code Zero?

  • On-site team of experts (“emergency room”)
  • Interim management for incidents and changes (24/7)
  • Documented stocktaking of your IT (360° assessment)
  • Specific recommendations for making permanent improvements (SIP)
  • Defining clear goals for future processes (KPIs)
  • Checking whether goals have been achieved (final check)
  • Stabilizing your operations
  • IT health check for your systems
  • Optimizing your core IT processes
  • Analyzing and optimizing governance and management
  • Developing a service improvement plan
  • Zero Outage for increasing IT service quality and stability
  • Proactive risk management for operations and projects
  • Globally consistent process standards
  • Quality as a maxim: end-to-end
  • Accuracy and discipline as guiding principles


Code Zero – a way out of the IT crisis in four steps thanks to competent and quick help

Solve an IT crisis quickly and permanently thanks to Code Zero

With its wealth of Zero Outage expertise, T-Systems is a reliable partner when it comes to quickly and reliably stabilizing the business-critical IT services of German companies in an acute emergency situation. This service is based on the company’s know-how from numerous customer projects and the internal zero fault principle which discovers and rectifies operative weaknesses on an ongoing basis. Optimized ITIL core processes, a health check of the IT infrastructure and an examination of security and governance aspects play a key role here.

Increasing IT service quality thanks to Zero Outage

Four building blocks provide a solid basis for well-functioning IT systems: proactive risk management for operations and projects allows action to be taken on the basis of previous risk assessments and a subsequent review as to the usefulness of these actions. Globally consistent process standards ensure company-wide compliance and allow general certification of staff. By using the “two-man rule” for risky changes, major disruptions can be avoided and accuracy and discipline become guiding principles. With Zero Outage as the end-to-end maxim, top management is involved in the event of critical incidents and suppliers too are required to ensure maximum quality in accordance with the zero fault principle.

From Zero Outage to Code Zero – quick help when you need it

T-Systems is now using the expertise it has gained from the zero fault concept in order to help companies in acute crisis situations quickly and effectively. First of all, the team of experts on site (“emergency room”) tightens up the standard processes to ensure maximum effectiveness. During incident and change management, clear classifications are introduced, stakeholders receive regular updates and fault rectification measures and change processes are clearly structured. Once the biggest problems are under control, the specialists focus on the IT landscape and produce a 360° health check. Processes, platforms, governance and security are examined in detail and potential improvements which could get the company’s IT back on a sound footing in the future are identified. In the final check, the experts present the resulting service improvement plan (SIP) to the management and hand IT operations including the documentation back to the customer. If requested, the partnership can be expanded to include implementation of the SIP and other options.