Factory of the future

Several robot arms in an otherwise empty factory.

Point of view

Companies in the manufacturing industry recorded receding order intakes in 2019 caused by uncertainties in economic planning due to political risks such as Brexit, trade disputes, and specifically for central Europe, the massive restructuring of the automotive industry. In order to learn from past challenges and improve the prognosis for coming years, a change of perspective and swift introduction of innovative digital solutions are vital. However, keeping an eye on time and costs of such implementations, an innovation cycle has to be developed that identifies areas suitable for implementing new technologies.

On the way towards a factory of the future, care must be taken when it comes to possible pitfalls. Our colleagues from Deutsche Telekom’s consulting branch Detecon compiled their findings and insights on the most recent developments within the manufacturing industry in a “point of view” paper structured along the following steps:

  • How can we remain leaders in digital manufacturing but at the same time increase sales in 2020? – identifying business value
  • How can the change in perspective be supported in concrete terms by a strong digital infrastructure? – matching data and infrastructure
  • 5G: Consolidating the connectivity and platform levels while providing new functionalities that enable new use cases – managing connectivity

Our colleagues from the management and technology consulting company Detecon summarized their findings and observations regarding the current trends in the manufacturing industry in a "Point of View" article. They provide answers to urgent questions of the industry sector.

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