Man looks at a large screen displaying complex graphics
June 04 2024 | Sustainability Services

Pioneering a Sustainable Future with X-Creation

Unmet SDGs signal urgency for global change; X-Creation pioneers solutions through caring, sharing, and daring.

 A female doctor in front of a digital screen
May 24 2024 | Healthcare

Private cloud in healthcare

Read how private cloud can empower healthcare digital platforms for innovation, efficiency, and compliance at scale.

Digital data flow on road with motion blur to create vision of fast speed transfer.
May 16 2024 | Data Intelligence

Data as a production factor: Are we there yet?

Successful companies make their data work for them. Are you ready to take charge of yours?

A knight with a spear and a shield
May 14 2024 | Security

It’s time to go on the cyber security offensive!

Leverage automated penetration testing to detect system vulnerabilities faster than attackers.

Thumb being scanned
April 04 2024 | Data Intelligence

Enabling trust in dataspaces

Trusted partners T-Systems and OpenCorporates join hands to make this happen for clients.

Smiling woman with tab in hand, surrounded by plants
April 03 2024 | Sustainability Services

RISE with SAP: A move towards net zero

SAP solutions can help companies adopt a sustainable approach to managing carbon footprint.

 A man assembles a wooden cube – a tricky business, not unlike legally compliant AI
March 28 2024 | Artificial Intelligence

When do AI and compliance go together?

Companies can use generative AI in compliance with data protection regulations with the cloud. More on this in the expert blog.

Male professional using cybersecurity on computer
March 27 2024 | Security

Why security operations need the AI makeover

Reduce manual dependency, scale security, and improve threat detection with AI and automation.

Interior view of seld-driving car on a street
March 19 2024 | Security

How can automotives secure software-defined vehicles?

With growing cyber-attacks on vehicles, learn how OEMs can implement the right security measures.

Man with programming code as a hologram for cyber security
March 11 2024 | Security

How AI and automation improve cyber protection

AI in the security environment automates repetitive tasks, accelerates processes, and strengthens cyber defense.

Person holding tablet with digital shopping cart
February 14 2024 | Artificial Intelligence

AI in Retail: A Win-Win for All?

With the right partner at its side, the industry can get started with AI projects quickly and easily.

Engineers design future cars in car factory
February 14 2024 | Data Intelligence

Catena-X anchors trust on T-Systems

T-Systems’ dedication to data spaces culminated into becoming the first provider for a critical Gaia-X effort.

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