Person holds phone showing analytics
July 19 2022 | Security

Secure your AWS environment through automation

How to enable automatic security management for your AWS organization with the AWS Security Hub combined with SHARR.

A businessman giving a presentation in the office
July 13 2022 | Digital

SAP S/4HANA transformation: setting the right course

How companies can get their SAP S/4HANA projects on the road to success by using the right strategic guidelines.

A woman painting a tree.
July 12 2022 | Cloud Services

Cloud trends with future potential

Innovative cloud developments help companies continue to grow in the long term. Three key trends.

Group picture at the JSC
July 07 2022 | Digital

On Their Bikes at the Jülich Research Center

Who are our Chief Tomorrow Officers, and why were they cycling around one of Europe’s biggest science centers?   

A man and women look at a monitor
July 01 2022 | Cloud Services

360 degree scan ensures a successful SAP S/4HANA migration

How the overview of the existing SAP infrastructure reduces the costs and risks for the transition into the target systems.

A man in a suit touches his head, stands in front of numerous lines
June 27 2022 | Digital

What Are the Hot Trends on the SAP Market?

SAP S/4HANA transformation, digitalization, and sustainability: these are the challenges facing SAP customers today.

Three people evaluating graphics.
June 23 2022 | Digital

Goodbye complexity, hello simplicity

Automate the management of containerized apps with the Managed Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA).

Two robot hands hold a piece of folded paper.
June 23 2022 | Digital

Digital Ethics

Digitalization fundamentally changes the healthcare sector. Digital ethics are therefore an obligation for companies.

Young man looking at his smartphone
June 15 2022 | Cloud Services

Signposting the perfect Path into the Cloud

Exploiting the full potential of a multi-cloud environment? How the switch works with the cloud migration framework.

Illustration of the Quantum Computing Vector on blue background
June 14 2022 | Digital

Quantum computing still has significant untapped potential

What characterizes quantum computing and what challenges are associated with it?

Two hands hold digital ball which represents the globe
June 09 2022 | Sustainability Services

How do we sustainably shape supply chain networks?

Cross-sector data ecosystems and data transparency support OEMs or suppliers to comply with complex requirements.

Two hands hold a small globe.
June 01 2022 | Digital

Chemicals, Pharma, Energy: the path to sustainability

How processes, products, and services in the chemical, pharma, and energy sectors are becoming more sustainable thanks to digitalization.

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