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A white cloud floats in a server room
August 06 2021 | Cloud Services

Are digitalization and sustainability compatible?

How companies measure the CO2 footprint of their cloud infrastructure and derive measures from this.

A hand touching a digital, holographic world map
August 05 2021 | Cloud Services

Complete large data transfers faster than ever

AWS’s edge solution, Snowball, can speed up bulk transfers or overcome unreliable connection issues.

A man smiling at his phone while chatting
August 03 2021 | Digital

Digital Headhunters are on the Rise

HR chatbots open up new recruiting opportunities for companies. Intelligent bots can also be used for headhunting in the future.

A man stands in front of a large, illuminated server cabinet
July 30 2021 | Digital

Mainframe modernization

Mainframe workloads can be migrated smoothly to the cloud today and run just as reliably there

Woman looking at a portable tablet infront of a red background
July 27 2021 | Cloud Services

Handle your data effortlessly

Augment your data capabilities and analyze data to make informed decisions with T-Systems Managed Data Warehouse Service.

AWS Summit presentation images
July 20 2021 | Cloud Services

A Quick Transfer to AWS Cloud – with SRE and CMF

The cloud community from across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa came together in June for the virtual AWS EMEA Summit.

A Tablett with a cloud and a lock in magenta
July 16 2021 | Security

How to tackle your shadow IT

Attacks on cloud services and shadow IT: why you need a holistic security concept for your cloud IT.

A woman and a man wearing goggles look at a holographic drawing
July 15 2021 | Digital

Real artificial intelligence – or just a fake?

Search engines, chatbots and stock market apps: Not everything that is labelled AI is actually AI. How to spot fake AI right away.

Three people looking at holographic screen showingdata information
July 13 2021 | Digital

An Agile Data-Driven Enterprise

To become an agile data-driven enterprise can be a great differentiator to create value.

Blue and purple data center server
July 07 2021 | Digital

IT Automation: Successfully Master Cloud Migration

Planning an SAP modernization? This is how SAP landscapes can be transformed easily, quickly, and securely into a private, hybrid, or multi-cloud environment.

Two men in blue shirts standing infront of boxes
July 02 2021 | Digital

How to Power Successful AI Projects?

Scale your AI projects successfully with our AI Solution Factory.

A hand holding a cell phone with a car sharing symbol, with a car in the background
June 25 2021 | Automotive

Future Engineering: Car Development with a Future

Car manufacturers need to put their product development to the test today so that they are still successful tomorrow.

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