T-Systems Nation Building Journey

Enterprise Supplier Development

T-Systems South Africa's Supplier Development and Localisation programme is a journey to develop suppliers, local to site and with a specific focus on black women and black youth. This model is fully aligned with the T-Systems International delivery model and provides opportunities for internal and external applicants to set up their own ICT businesses, without any shareholding from T-Systems South Africa

Through this model local small businesses are being developed in the regions, while customers benefit directly from doing business with a multi-national ICT organisation in terms of parent guarantee, service delivery and risk profile. The successful prototype, and one of our signature investments, is Nkgwete IT Solutions, a black majority female owned company in eMalahleni, Mpumalanga, launched in July 2013.

This was followed by the establishment of Vumela IT Services, in November 2014, a black female owned company in KwaZulu-Natal. T-Systems don't only develop the new company; but subcontract a significant revenue stream, and support them to enable delivery, compliance to service levels, and sustainable growth.
T-Systems believe that through strategic partnerships with these institutions we can continue connecting the dots to building our digital nation and thereby contribute to the bigger South Africa by embracing skillsdevelopment, localisation and job creation..