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Countless employees around the world are now working from home. When meeting in person is no longer an option, shifting conferences and customer meetings to digital is the next best solution. With extensive services and support packages for network-based communication tools and IT resources from the cloud that can be extended flexibly, T-Systems offers options to keep company operations running in these challenging times.​​​​​​​
Elize van Rooyen

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Fast-track your digital Healthcare strategy
We have developed key solutions that are aimed at assisting healthcare organizations to scale and accommodate the massive infrastructure requirements with the sudden onset of this global pandemic, whilst managing the implications of a lockdown.
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A pandemic is not the only threat facing your business
A pandemic is not the only threat facing your business. Criminals are increasingly Exploiting the COVID-19 uncertainty to perpetuate attacks.  Do you have the security professionals that can respond and remediate? We do. Learn more about our agile Cyber Defence Center. 
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Will SD-WAN mordernise or paralyse your business?
SD-WAN has taken the global and South African market by a storm. SD-WAN is believed to be the silver bullet to all apparent WAN shortcomings.
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Key considerations when moving to S4/HANA
When it comes to discussing SAP S/4HANA migrations, the topic is inextricably connected to a conversation about the cloud as this is an option for the solution.
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Painless Application Virtualisation
Our Work from Anywhere solution, enabling remote productivity using virtualisation, which will highlight the ability to work using any device, from anywhere in a secure, affordable, fast and manageable manner.
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Zero Impact – Even in the home office
Countless employees around the world are now working from home. This means more people are connected to corporate networks through domestic broadband and other connections, often from personal private computing devices.
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Expert on Demand - frontline capacity building
In the race to contain the spread of COVID19 T-Systems’ Expert-on-Demand can address inadequate administrative resource situations in healthcare.
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Expert on Demand - tying up loose ends
Expert on Demand can provide project management resource to assist companies transition to remote working models.
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Fast connection - from home office to the company office
Our basic remote connectivity and e-mail access enable an always-on mobile workforce with effective exchange platforms and without interruption - even from a distance.
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Real teamwork can also be done digitally
With our remote access to Microsoft Office and Collaboration services we enable effective collaboration from multiple locations with additional bandwidth.
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Simple and secure remote access to your applications – from anywhere
We enable secure access to applications on your corporate network from our self-service hosting platforms.
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