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Will SD-WAN mordernise or paralyse your business?

SD-WAN in South Africa

The New Normal

SD-WAN has taken the global and South African market by a storm as CIOs are faced with incessant unattainable cost cuts and excessive bandwidth capacity demands, SD-WAN is believed to be the silver bullet to all apparent WAN shortcomings.

Will SD-WAN mordernise or paralyse your business?

Several case studies proved differently and exposed the lack of critical business processes understanding that exists. All good intentions to modernize a WAN often yield no business benefit and in a number of cases implementations caused more harm than good with paralyzing affect. Beyond the referenced business process knowledge, South African country environmental impact requires carefull consideration. Aspects such as Eskom loadshedding, the slowed economy, pandemic crises, regulatory compliance and increased security attacks introduce the ability to cripple WAN services, moreso SD-WAN.

Will SD-WAN mordernise or paralyse your business?

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