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T-Systems Health@Work Solution Suite

With the right digital tools, companies can successfully continue and expand their business

Protect your employees and your business

Home office alone is not a long-term solution, especially when physical presence at the workplace is required, such as in healthcare facilities, manufacturing, distribution or retail. To protect your employees and visitors and keep a business running, companies need to adapt their working conditions and processes. Maintaining safety distances, limiting the number of people in meeting rooms, visitors or high risk areas, and rapid identification and isolation of cases of infection are just some important criteria for avoiding worst-case scenarios such as company quarantine or lockdown.

Making proper use of digital tools and protecting privacy

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The good news: there are digital tools to help you and your employees successfully continue and expand your business in #TheNewNormal. We support you along the way. Important: we guarantee compliance with all data protection principles to protect the privacy of your employees.

Adapt your processes to "the new normal”

In four steps T-Systems Health Experts helps you on your way into the new future, so that you can concentrate on your core business:

1. Safeguarding Journey ¹

  • Defining the main people
  • Identifying use cases and people and deriving the specific need
  • Prioritizing the “How could we...” question and the corresponding ideas for a solution

2. Assessment ²

  • Evaluation of existing protection measures for both patients, visitors and care providers which should be integrated
  • Classification of groups of people (internal, external, dynamics), campus topology, relevant IT systems
  • Deep dive into  your data protection requirements
  • Selection of suitable screening, track and tracing solutions and supporting apps
  • Provision of a high-level solution architecture aligned to your business objectives
  • Short-term planning of measures and implementation

3. Consulting ³

  • Definition of the “new” IT landscape and integration into relevant backend systems (e.g. HR, access management)
  • Assess data protection and sovereignty together with the social partner
  • Provision and adaptation of blueprints of the necessary software, interface, and infrastructure adaptations 

4. Implementation ⁴

  • Integration of selected solution sets and extension of customer systems in agile mode (e.g. SCRUM)
  • Orchestration of the selected solutions and solution providers 
  • Maintenance of software and infrastructure
  • Advice on extended system use and optimization options

¹ Our “Safeguarding Journey” includes an  online workshop with our  experts, e.g. with tools such as Zoom or Teams. The workshop is led by experienced coaches from T-Systems in teams of up to 5 people. The offer is valid in South Africa and is available for purchase until 31.12.2020

² The assessment includes approx. 20 person-days with a duration of approx. 10 working days and delivers the results described above in cooperation with your experts. The offer is valid in South Africa and is available for purchase until 31.12.2020

³ Individual offer required

⁴ Individual offer required

Benefit from the Health@Work Solution Suite now

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