A strong cloud is dynamic

End-to-end cloud computing

Cloud computing in the enterprise must be examined holistically. This includes networks and the infrastructure as well as applications and processes. This must take place in a standardized and individual manner.
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The strong cloud

Analysts estimate that the global platform-as-a-service business alone will increase to $15 billion in 2017. During this period, public cloud services will grow at an average annual rate of 23.5 percent, as reported by Internet platform searchcloudcomputing. Though debates about data security and cybercrime have left their marks, they have been unable to stop the triumphant rise of the cloud.
After all, cloud computing promises the further development and acceleration of the accustomed business through faster product placement on the market or even the establishment of entirely new business fields as well as cost savings. What is more, the cloud has stayed true to this promise.
T-Systems South Africa Cloud solutions include the following:
  • Dynamic IT
  • DSI vCloud
  • Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions
  • Dynamic Services for SAP HANA®
  • Managed Services with the Cloud Integration Center