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Videos: IT decision makers from all over the world on the digitalization of business, innovation and big data Videos about CIOmove


This is how CIOs from all over the world evaluate the degree of digitization in their company, how they see its customer value and challenge the essential IT transformation.
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Making IT security a top priority – security needs strategy | T-Systems Making IT security a top priority – security needs strategy | T-Systems


Making IT security a top priority – security needs strategy.
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A strong cloud is dynamic – end-to-end cloud computing | T-Systems A strong cloud is dynamic – end-to-end cloud computing | T-Systems

Special Cloud Computing

A strong cloud is dynamic – end-to-end cloud computing
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T-Systems at Facebook

Best Practice 2-2014: Industry 4.0 | T-Systems | T-Systems

Thanks to intelligent networks, sensors, chips and scanners, people, machines and their surroundings are all communicating with each other. These...

Using Big Data to fight smog in China

China faces a growing air pollution problem — one of the consequences of its significant economic growth over the past two decades. Surrounded by a...

Location, location, location is all that counts for the cloud

Cloud vendors need to operate data centers in a diverse range of locations. How does they stack up to each other in terms of geographies, and why is...

New legal risks & What to do.

The convergence of social, mobile, analytics, and cloud technologies (SMAC) are complicating an already complex IT outsourcing value chain. But...

The Enterprise in the Digital Economy | IT Business Edge

The digital economy opens up the possibility of a stateless environment where resources can be dispersed on a global scale.

The Server Needs To Die To Save The Internet | TechCrunch

Do we have the Internet we deserve? There's an argument to say that yes, we absolutely do. Given web users' general reluctance to pay for content.

Avoid Change Fatigue in Digital Business Transformation | Gartner Blog

Too much change. I hear it from clients and conference attendees. It’s causing change fatigue. Change fatigue is characterized by an inertia or...

New customer proximity thanks to dynamic IT | T-Systems Zero Distance

Cloud Computing - IT transformation is progressing because of dynamic IT solutions like cloud computing. Get information how your company can gain...

How the cloud is the engine behind the growing Internet of Things | ITProPortal

IoT covers anything from smart meters in the utilities industries and machine-to-machine telematics, to Internet-enabled fridges and coffee machines,...

Every Business Is A Digital Business -- So How Do You Tax Them? | Forbes

The growth of the 'digital economy' is creating some serious challenges for a system of taxation that has been largely rooted in physical supply...

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tsystemscom: A leader, not a follower: successful IT #transformation @wienerberger: #bestpractice #Industry4

tsystemscom: Reduce air pollution: Big Data analytics can help Beijing cut through the smog @forrester: #bigdata

tsystemscom: Location, location, location: The next big front for #cloud competition @gigaom:

tsystemscom: Social, #mobile, analytics and #cloud outsourcing create new legal risks – what to do @ITworld:

tsystemscom: The digital economy is upon us, and the enterprise has a key role to play @ITBusinessEdge: #zerodistance

tsystemscom: Bye, bye, servers? @MaidSafe wants to reinvent the Internet with a peer-to-peer infrastructure @TechCrunch:

tsystemscom: How to avoid change fatigue in digital business transformation @Gartner_inc:

tsystemscom: Test T-Systems’ vCloud now - IT resources can be provided in a scalable and flexible manner: #zerodistance #cloud

tsystemscom: The #cloud is the engine behind the growing Internet of Things @ITProPortal:

tsystemscom: The ‘digital economy’ presents some of the toughest challenges for global tax authorities @Forbes:

Big Data in Logistics

White Paper Big Data in Logistics
The world is changing – faster and faster. The accelerated economic development across the globe has created entirely new business networks and flows of goods.
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September 13, 2013 Solutions

"Cloud Partner of the Year" – T-Systems honored by Cisco

"Cloud Partner of the Year"

T-Systems is Cisco's first choice for cloud partner.

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