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Industry 4.0 networks the manufacturing industry across all sectors and is fundamentally changing the production process. Industry 4.0: Transformation process for the production of the future | T-Systems


Industry 4.0 networks the manufacturing industry
across (all sectors) and is fundamentally changing
the production process.
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Distributed devices can be controlled and steered remotely through the M2M portal by T-Systems. This reduces maintenance costs and optimizes production capacity utilization. M2M solution: remote control and maintenance of machines


Control and maintain machines and devices at globally distributed production sites through the cloud.
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The partnership between T-Systems and Salesforce is generating first results: The  automotive platform Customer Experience Management (CEM), car dealers can offer information at the point of sale. Individual service for automotive customers thanks to T-Systems and Salesforce


The first T-Systems and Salesforce partner solution: A business app to build automotive customer loyalty.
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T-Systems at Facebook

You Don’t Need A Digital Strategy, You Need A Digitally Transformed Company |...

In 2015 it seems foolish to have a digital or mobile strategy, you just need a business strategy for the modern world.

Deutsche Telekom Group is searching for the best Internet of Things solutions

Deutsche Telekom announces the second edition of its international Business Wall of Fame contest

From Spiders to Elephants: The History of Hadoop

Have you ever wonder where this thing called Hadoop came from, or even why it's here? Marko Bonaci has wondered such things, too.

Anne Teague (Heineken CIO) and Dr. Ferri Abolhassan in dialog. | T-Systems

Anne Teague (CIO Heineken) and Dr. Ferri Abolhassan (Director of IT Division at T-Systems) agree: quality is a must.

Nigel Fenwick's Blog

I just concluded six months of research looking at how firms plan strategy in the age of the customer.

Expectations vs. Reality: What the Cloud Is Really About | IT Business Edge

Lately, the talk has shifted from the cloud itself to certain categories within the cloud

Internet Of Things? We've Been Doing That For 25 Years | Forbes

Since before it had a name, the IoT has been helping industrial companies make processes more reliable, efficient and safe.

Continental Group has already been going digital for the past 50 years. |...

Continental Group's CIO Elisabeth Hoeflich talks about the increasing velocity when integrating innovative IT solutions as well as the establishment...

Apple Watch sales reach nearly 1m on first day of orders | The Guardian

Some 957,000 preorders placed on Friday and will begin shipping in April, but number puts the wearable far short of some estimates for 2015 sales

Internet of Things Security Issues Have Consumers Worried | eWEEK

Survey results indicate a lack of information about the security safeguards in place is fueling respondents’ worries about Internet of Things (IoT).

T-Systems at Twitter

“Business Wall of Fame”: @deutschetelekom is searching for the best Internet of Things solutions...

From spiders to elephants: @Datanami about the history of #Hadoop: #bigdata

Anne Teague (CIO @Heineken ) and Dr. Ferri Abolhassan (GM T-Systems) know: Quality is a must:...

Forrester analyst @NigelFenwick gives companies 4 strategy tips that work in the age of the...

Expectations vs. reality: what the #cloud is really about @ITBusinessEdge:

The #IoT is not new - companies are using sensors to streamline their processes for 25 years...

We’ve been going digital for the past 50 years, says #Continental Group CIO Elisabeth Höflich:...

Nearly 1m Americans ordered the Apple Watch on the first day @Guardian:

A lack of information about #security safeguards is fueling worries about Internet of Things...

Better be prepared: today cyber-attacks seem to be a question of ‘when’ not ‘if’ @ITProPortal:...

Foundations for a real-time business

Whitepaper SAP HANA
Accelerated analytics with SAP HANA® from the Cloud.
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September 13, 2013 Solutions

"Cloud Partner of the Year" – T-Systems honored by Cisco

"Cloud Partner of the Year"

T-Systems is Cisco's first choice for cloud partner.

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