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Deutsche Telekom keeps its sights set on Europe's cloud market. Deutsche Telekom keeps its sights set on Europe's cloud market.


Deutsche Telekom aims to be European cloud leader by cooperating with partners like Huawei. By the end of 2018, the company intents to double the revenue earned with cloud solutions from the current annual figure of approximately one billion euros.
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Distributed devices can be controlled and steered remotely through the M2M portal by T-Systems. This reduces maintenance costs and optimizes production capacity utilization. M2M solution: remote control and maintenance of machines


Control and maintain machines and devices at globally distributed production sites through the cloud.
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German carmakers are looking for ways to keep pace with the likes of Google and Apple by creating their own smart connectivity solutions. The car of the future is the new focus of research and developement departments.


German carmakers are looking for ways to keep pace with the likes of Google and Apple by creating their own smart connectivity solutions.
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T-Systems at Facebook

The FBI is offering $4.3m for the world’s most notorious cyber criminals

The FBI has updated its cyber-crime most wanted list with $4.3m in rewards for the capture of a number of notorious cybercriminals, and they’re...

Cloud market spins up a cyclone of sales

Server, storage and switch sales surge 25 per cent, says IDC

If made in Germany ICT solutions didn't need a manual, they'd be perfect.

Germany has made relatively strong progress in the private cloud space, and in T-Systems, with its AppCom platform, it has a pioneer within its own...

Enterprises Don’t Have Big Data, They Just Have Bad Data | TechCrunch

PayPal co-founder and venture capitalist Peter Thiel commonly harps on the tech community for overusing buzzwords like “cloud” and “big data.”

As big data hits the Tour de France, cycling will never be the same again

For the first time in the history of the Tour de France - and possibly sport itself - fans following the race on TV or the Internet will be able to...

BPM of Things: the Next Generation of the Internet of Things | Data Informed

The Internet of Things could descend into a chaotic mess without clearly defined processes to define how data is managed and shared

T-Systems at Twitter

tsystemscom: The FBI's most wanted list of cybercriminals: $3 million bounty on Russian hacker @digitaltrends: #security

tsystemscom: 4 ways businesses can optimise their existing #bigdata investments and extract more value @itproportal:

tsystemscom: Cloud infrastructure sales are up by 25% and account for 30% of IT infrastructure spendings @IDC study @TheRegister:

tsystemscom: If 'Made in Germany' ICT solutions didn't need a manual, they'd be perfect, says Christophe Chalôns from @PAC_DE:

tsystemscom: #BigData or just Bad Data? Inaccurate data affects the bottom line of 88 percent of organizations @TechCrunch:

tsystemscom: Cycling will never be the same again: #bigdata hits @letour @CIOonline:

tsystemscom: The major competitive advantage for @deutschetelekom in the #cloud market is security @Computerweekly: #tsystems

tsystemscom: Excellent: The Wave 2015 blog of Team T-Systems was named best blog of the event

tsystemscom: The Next Generation of #IoT: Business Process Management of Things @Data_Informed:

tsystemscom: Take a tour of your new office that doesn't yet exist: virtual-reality meets commercial real estate @WSJ:


Whitepaper AppAgile
Paas – from technology tool to full-fledged business system.
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September 13, 2013 Solutions

"Cloud Partner of the Year" – T-Systems honored by Cisco

"Cloud Partner of the Year"

T-Systems is Cisco's first choice for cloud partner.

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