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In the context of Big Data Data, the law for data protection and IT becomes a huge challenge, explains Dr. Jürgen Hartung, one of the leading IT-laywers, in the interview. When analyzing Big Data, the law for data protection and IT plays an important role


IT lawyer Dr. Jürgen Hartung explains what organizations are legally allowed to do with data and why it’s sometimes wiser to err on the side of caution.
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Gartner helps companies in selecting IT service providers and regularly assesses the providers through the graphical assignment in a Magic Quadrant. T-Systems is among the leaders. T-Systems has been named a leader for IT outsourcing in Gartner's Magic Quadrants.


In two recent reports, the IT research and advisory company Gartner positioned the top IT outsourcing providers in its Magic Quadrants.
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Making IT security a top priority – security needs strategy | T-Systems Making IT security a top priority – security needs strategy | T-Systems


Making IT security a top priority – security needs strategy.
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A strong cloud is dynamic – end-to-end cloud computing | T-Systems A strong cloud is dynamic – end-to-end cloud computing | T-Systems

Special Cloud Computing

A strong cloud is dynamic – end-to-end cloud computing
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T-Systems at Facebook

4 cloud realities to be thankful for

The rapid growth of cloud computing continues. As we implement systems, migrate applications, and move infrastructure to the cloud, proceedings seem...

How to Create Seamless Mobile Security for Employees

If your organization’s security procedures are disruptive and clunky, frustrated employees will figure out how to get around them. Here’s how three...

A Match Made Somewhere: Big Data and the Internet of Things

It’s become clear in the past few years that few technologies live in a vacuum. They’re more likely to be connected or related and sharing data,...

Think you know what hybrid cloud is? Think again…

Hybrid cloud is not a stopgap; it’s a way of life for modern organisations with success firmly on the agenda. Read on to find out more…

Cyber Security Needs Its Ralph Nader

It took thousands of unnecessary traffic fatalities to create an environment where Ralph Nader could bring about radical change in the '60s. What...

Videos about CIOmove | T-Systems

The Network Tour 2014 30 CIOs spent four days under the Motto "Hop on the train!" traveling across Germany by train.

The Internet of Things Is Far Bigger Than Anyone Realizes | WIRED

When people talk about “the next big thing,” they’re never thinking big enough. It’s not a lack of imagination; it’s a lack of observation.

T-Systems and Informatica join forces in Germany | Deutsche Telekom

T-Systems and Informatica Corporation (Nasdaq:INFA), the world’s number one independent provider of data integration software, have joined ranks to...

How Can CIOs Compete When Every Business Unit Is A Technology Startup? |...

When you think about a digital startup, the first image that usually comes to mind is one of a loft-like open space populated by casually dressed...

Going To The Cloud? What Not To Do

A common mistake made by cloud early adopters is overlooking the soft costs associated with cloud computing. This throws ROI/TCO for a loop.

T-Systems at Twitter

tsystemscom: The move to the #cloud seems to be going smoother than many expected @infoworld:

tsystemscom: How to create seamless #mobile #security for employees @CIOonline:

tsystemscom: A match made somewhere: Big Data and the Internet of Things @forbes: #bigdata #IoT

tsystemscom: Think you know what hybrid #cloud is? Think again…@cloudprouk:

tsystemscom: What will it take to start the needed transformation in data #security? @DarkReading:

tsystemscom: 30 CIOs, 4 days, 1 train - @TU_Muenchen gathered IT decision makers from all over the world. The results are here

tsystemscom: The Internet of Things is far bigger than anyone realizes @Wired: #m2m

tsystemscom: Data Orchestration as a Service: T-Systems and @InformaticaCorp join forces for data integration from the #cloud:

tsystemscom: Did you know that you’ve probably got several digital startups in your own organization? @Gartner_inc: #zerodistance

tsystemscom: Going to the #cloud? Here is what not to do @forbes:

Cloud Brokerage

Whitepaper Cloud Brokerage
Multi-cloud strategies made easy
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September 13, 2013 Solutions

"Cloud Partner of the Year" – T-Systems honored by Cisco

"Cloud Partner of the Year"

T-Systems is Cisco's first choice for cloud partner.

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