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The analyst company PAC gave top marks to T-Systems for its excellent SAP hosting. SAP Hosting: top marks for T-Systems from PAC – Strength in the cloud


Latest survey of the German SAP service provider market. The analysts of PAC see T-Systems as one of the leading provider with special strength in cloud-based services.
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Whether it's about security, scalability, or choosing the right provider, five real cases document what to look out for in the digital transformation into the cloud. Digital transformation into the cloud


More and more companies are facing the challenge of digital transformation into the cloud. Whether it's about security, scalability, or choosing the right provider, five cases document what to look out for.
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The cloud solution delivers facts and figures that support faster decision making and rapid responses to dynamic changes in traffic and port infrastructure, saving time and money.  Coffeetable Book: Telematics from the cloud


The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) uses cloud technology to manage growing trade volumes more efficiently and to increase quality.
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T-Systems at Facebook

METRO-CIO Silvester Macho in an interview with Best Practice | T-Systems

Silvester Macho, CIO at METRO GROUP, currently rates multi-channel marketing as the pervasive issue in the retail sector and therefore focusses on...

Why You May Need To Change The Way You Look At Big Data

The landscape has changed considerably in the recent past. The rapid pace of technological development has allowed businesses to capture and store...

What Does Food Packaging Have To Do With Big Data And The Internet Of Things?

Even the food packaging market is evolving to become interactive, aware, and intelligent. The industry calls this evolution “smart packaging”.

Sleepless in Davos

IT transformation, security, budget: What robs CIOs of sleep at night:

Why we should all be migrating to the cloud

“[Cloud is] over-hyped by vendors, [but] under-hyped by successful adopters who get the culture shift and competitive advantage it brings.”

Big Data Success Starts With Empowerment: Learn Why And How

To be blunt, that level of commitment simply must stem from the top rungs of any organization. This was evident when Teradata recently surveyed 316...

The cloud needs a new type of network optimization

Analyzing how network optimization can evolve to meet the demands of cloud computing.

Women Could Be The Solution To Fighting Cybersecurity Threats

Cybersecurity professionals are more in demand than ever before, but a new report finds the number of women in the field hasn’t grown.

Big Data Breakdown: Use the Right Analytics For The Business Problem

You may need Big Data to know what's on this shopper's mind. Then again, you may not. Photographer: Susana Gonzalez/Bloomberg Big Data analytics...

T-Systems at Twitter

tsystemscom: Costs, #cloud, #security, #quality: What keeps CIOs awake at night: #bestpractice

tsystemscom: Why #CIOs need to keep their C-level peers abreast of IT efforts - Key talking points #mobile and #cloud @CIOonline:

tsystemscom: Silvester Macho, CIO of METRO Group, tells why #security is paramount for digital transformation: #bestpractice

tsystemscom: Data as an asset: You may need to change the way you look at #bigdata, says @peterpham @forbes:

tsystemscom: How the food packaging market uses #IoT and #BigData to become interactive, aware and intelligent:

tsystemscom: IT transformation, #security, budget: What robs CIOs of sleep at night: #bestpractice

tsystemscom: Why small businesses should all be migrating to the #cloud - thoughts from @Leonhitchens @thenextweb:

tsystemscom: #BigData success starts with empowerment and CEOs need to lead the way, says @Teradata 's Chris Twogood @forbes:

tsystemscom: The #cloud needs a new type of network optimization, believes @zkerravala @NetworkWorld:

tsystemscom: Women could be the solution to fighting cybersecurity threats @TechCrunch: #security


Whitepaper AppAgile
Paas – from technology tool to full-fledged business system.
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September 13, 2013 Solutions

"Cloud Partner of the Year" – T-Systems honored by Cisco

"Cloud Partner of the Year"

T-Systems is Cisco's first choice for cloud partner.

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