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Deutsche Telekom keeps its sights set on Europe's cloud market. Deutsche Telekom keeps its sights set on Europe's cloud market.


Deutsche Telekom aims to be European cloud leader by cooperating with partners like Huawei. By the end of 2018, the company intents to double the revenue earned with cloud solutions from the current annual figure of approximately one billion euros.
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Distributed devices can be controlled and steered remotely through the M2M portal by T-Systems. This reduces maintenance costs and optimizes production capacity utilization. M2M solution: remote control and maintenance of machines


Control and maintain machines and devices at globally distributed production sites through the cloud.
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German carmakers are looking for ways to keep pace with the likes of Google and Apple by creating their own smart connectivity solutions. The car of the future is the new focus of research and developement departments.


German carmakers are looking for ways to keep pace with the likes of Google and Apple by creating their own smart connectivity solutions.
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T-Systems at Facebook

Honeytraps for cyber criminals | Computer Business Review

Collaboration aims to put Honey Pots into a commercial setting.

CIOs seek cybersecurity solutions, bigger voice in C-suite

Tech chiefs come together to sift through security issues, ranging from cybersecurity to budgets to CISO roles.

What Big Data Analytics Professionals Want From IT | Forbes

One of the many challenges associated with Big Data is the challenge of making some money from it.

4 Ways Cloud Usage Is Putting Health Data At Risk | Dark Reading

A huge shadow IT problem is just one of the risks of uncontrolled cloud usage in healthcare organizations, new study shows.

10 IoT applications for SMEs | ITProPortal

The possibilities to leverage IoT capabilities are endless, extending from every stage of the product lifecycle to use cases in specific industries.

Sizzling ideas for tomorrow.

Developers at the T-Labs are working on solutions for the homes and workplaces of the future, worldwide and interdisciplinary. The lab in Tel Aviv...

How to solve the security challenges of Infrastructure as a Service

Accessing your infrastructure over a wireless network means that the potential is there for data to be intercepted or for authentication protocols to...

Cloud computing may make IT compliance auditing even cloudier

Most IT pros are unprepared for a compliance audit, survey shows. Is cloud to blame,at least partially?

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tsystemscom: Rio Olympic Games pioneers #cloud use @ZDNet: @Olympics

tsystemscom: All airlines have the #security hole that grounded Polish planes @WIRED:

tsystemscom: Only half of enterprise developers are ready for the Internet of Things, @HarborResearch survey finds @ZDNet: #IoT


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Paas – from technology tool to full-fledged business system.
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September 13, 2013 Solutions

"Cloud Partner of the Year" – T-Systems honored by Cisco

"Cloud Partner of the Year"

T-Systems is Cisco's first choice for cloud partner.

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