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The worldwide collaboration with T-Systems and an international network of partners are the base of Deutschen Telekom's success in  M2M. Deutsch Telekom achieves top rankings


In its annual ranking the British research house Analysys Mason rated the M2M services of communications service providers. The result: Deutsche Telekom is in the lead.
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Grenzebach’s G-Com system takes a goods-to-person approach; this automated solution eases up the picking and packing and improves logistic processes. Carry by name, carry by nature


Grenzebach’s G-Com system takes a goods-to-person approach; this automated solution brings the shelves directly to the workstation.
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The multimedia system COMAND Online belongs to the standard equipment of  Mercedes cars since 2011. Coffeetable Book: Carpe Diem in the cloud.


With COMAND Online Mercedes builds on a new digital driving experience. T-Systems manages the backend services from the private cloud.
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Five Lessons On The 'Security Of Things' From The Jeep Cherokee Hack

This is the one of the most dramatic demonstrations to date of the cybersecurity challenges that will accompany the growth of the Internet of Things...

A marathon, not a sprint.

Germany’s auto industry lavishes more R&D spend on in-vehicle connectivity, infotainment and driver assistance systems than anything else – bar...

Sizzling ideas for tomorrow.

Ben-Gurion University (BGU) is located in the heart of the Israeli Negev desert. Digital natives from around the world flock here to continue their...

Wirtschaftswunder 4.0

The conviction of our politicians in Berlin that a Wirtschaftswunder – a digital economic miracle – is on the cards comes as excellent news for...

From fitness trackers to drones, how the Internet of Things is transforming the...

Auto and health insurers are the leading adopters of the Internet of Things among insurance companies. The savings could be immense.

A noble undertaking.

For Ijad Madisch, the pursuit of scientific enlightenment is trapped in an ivory tower. His startup Researchgate aims to set it free. And he has...

Big Data, Bigger Results: Manufacturers Are Winning in the Cloud

From inventory tracking to supply chain transparency, manufacturers have always been pioneers in the capture and use of data for real-time business...

By 2025, Internet of things applications could have $11 trillion impact

Plus, three hurdles your company must overcome before it sees IoT success.

Security Researchers Find a Way to Hack Cars

Early next month, two security researchers plan to detail how they were able to hack into a Jeep remotely and control the lights, brakes and steering...

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Five lessons on the 'security of things' from the Jeep Cherokee hack @forbes:...

Germans untroubled by cyber-espionage says 5th Security Report by @Telekom_group:...

The automotive and ICT industries are joining forces – but how?

Sizzling ideas for tomorrow arise in the @T_Labs Berlin and its worldwide ecosystem:...

Haven't you heard it? The internet of sound is coming @TechCrunch: #IoS

When it comes to the economy, we do not believe in miracles. We develop them. Wirtschaftswunder...

Transformation into the #cloud - @ThyssenKrupp achieved it with T-Systems:...

From fitness trackers to drones, how the #IoT is transforming the insurance industry...

Money from Bill is the accolade within IT. @IjadMadisch received it for his portal @ResearchGate...

Big data, bigger results: manufacturers are winning in the #cloud @CIOonline:...


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Paas – from technology tool to full-fledged business system.
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September 13, 2013 Solutions

"Cloud Partner of the Year" – T-Systems honored by Cisco

"Cloud Partner of the Year"

T-Systems is Cisco's first choice for cloud partner.

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