The leader for managed services for networks

May 24, 2017

New Experton study: Deutsche Telekom is the leader for managed WAN services in Germany – and one of the best providers of managed LAN services.
Experton Market Insight: Managed LAN Services
The Experton Group has declared Deutsche Telekom the “leader” for managed networks – both locally and across sites – in the German market. As far as managed services for wide area networks (WAN) are concerned, the company left all 17 other providers behind in the study. The “leader” rating from Experton is testimony to Deutsche Telekom’s highly attractive portfolio and competitive position in the market. In its “Software Defined/Traditional Networks & Managed Services Vendor Benchmark 2017”, Experton, a subsidiary of the market research company ISG, compared the most important managed services providers (MSP) for company networks in Germany.
Managed WAN Services

With its managed WAN services, Deutsche Telekom beat off ten other providers. It impressed with a comprehensive portfolio which offers various IP VPN services and access technologies from a single source. “In its home market, Deutsche Telekom is the clear market leader, the reference for quality, security, national coverage with international connections and complex requirements as regards network management,” wrote the analysts from Experton.

Particular benefits for retailers

Deutsche Telekom was assessed as the most competitive out of 13 companies when it comes to managed LAN services. Deutsche Telekom offers its managed services for local area networks (LAN) worldwide. Experton praised in particular the option of combining these services with WAN services and additional services such as IP telephony and application performance management. According to the analysts, Deutsche Telekom is particularly attractive as a LAN operator for companies with a dense network of branches, for example retailers. This is because it offers a unique network of service technicians who are available to deal with problems on site.
Managed LAN Services

According to Experton, the most frequently used technology in wide area networks is still MPLS (multi protocol label switching). In most cases, companies in Germany and throughout Europe obtain these MPLS networks as a service. Large companies use managed services in local networks too and thus leave planning, setting up and operating their LAN to a service provider. According to the Experton study, the contractual parties are increasingly agreeing service levels which are directly connected to the success of the company. In the LAN, this could be specific performance for an IoT end device (Internet of Things) for example.
For the report, the Experton Group questioned managed service providers and users between October and December 2016. Service documents and references were also used in the assessment. This was the first time that the analysts had looked at the managed LAN market.