Telekom is “the yardstick“!

Jan 25, 2017

Experton’s latest Security Vendor Benchmark sees Deutsche Telekom as a leader in no less than seven fields. 111 German companies were examined for the 2017 benchmark – and among other things, Experton concludes that, “Deutsche Telekom is the yardstick for Managed Security Services in the German market, both regarding the attractiveness of its portfolio and in terms of competitive strength.”
Der Experton Security Vendor Benchmark 2017 sieht T-Systems und Telekom als das „Maß der Dinge“.
The study evaluates the most important security vendors in the German market on account of these two criteria: competitive strength and the attractiveness of their portfolio. There are eight categories, some of which are subdivided by market segments. In total, Deutsche Telekom and T-Systems are placed in the leader quadrants seven times:
  • Identity and Access Management – Service Providers
  • Managed Security Services
  • Security Transformation Providers
  • Managed Digital Workspace Security Services – SMBs
  • Managed Digital Workspace Security Services – Larger SMBs
  • Managed Digital Workspace Security Services – Large Accounts
  • Mobile Security Solutions
“Basically, the topic of security has reached companies’ awareness”, says Experton of the market situation. There is a special demand in the market for Identity and Access Management. “The number of users, devices and services is increasing continously – and accordingly, so is the number of digital identities that have to be managed […]. Customers, external partners and even machines also need a digital identity.”