German National Research and Education Network in the cloud

Aug 2, 2017

Research institutes now obtain cloud services quickly and easily under the IaaS Cloud Framework Contract for GÉANT/DFN.
T-Systems was awarded the order from the European research network organization GÉANT for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) services and will now provide the institute with German cloud services until 2021.
If research institutes want to use cloud services, they have to instigate costly, time-consuming invitations to tender and prepare themselves for a lengthy process. That is no longer necessary for members of the German National Research and Education Network (DFN): The IaaS cloud framework contract between T-Systems and GÉANT makes it a great deal easier for scientific organizations to access cloud services. They can obtain resources they need to integrate simply and without limit and at the same time always have the security that they are complying with prevailing data protection laws. They do not need their own cloud connection for that, since the offering is linked via the DFN’s existing network. Only the actual services used are billed at particularly favorable terms under the framework agreement – flexibly and to reflect demand.

Continuation of a long-standing partnership

Since the association was founded in 1984, there has been a trusted working relationship between T-Systems and the German National Research and Education Network. The partnership’s objective is to deliver forward-looking, highly available and secure services for the DFN’s members at special terms tailored to the needs of research and education and on demand. The longstanding partnership also offers an advantage for the new framework contract: The DFN’s members can access the cloud directly in the high performance network that has already been established and do not need a network connection of their own. Institutes can send any questions they have and requests for services directly to the dedicated contact address

Vertical scalability thanks to DSI vCloud

The DFN’s members can use the DSI vCloud under the framework contract in order to expand the performance of their own virtual data centers. They can obtain resources from the cloud on demand on the basis of VMware to supplement their own infrastructure in order to operate conventional, vertically scalable applications and web applications. Three different price and usage models are available for this variant: In the pay-as-you-go offering, the required resources are billed per use on the basis of 5-minute intervals. There are also predefined packages where 75 percent of the RAM and 50 percent of the CPU resources are available on a fixed basis. The remaining resources can be used flexibly and are charged on the basis of exact usage. Anyone wishing to access dedicated hardware should choose the offering where they alone use the CPU and RAM at a fixed price.

Open Telekom Cloud for horizontal dynamism

The German National Research and Education Network also allows its members to use the Open Telekom Cloud under the framework contract. It is specially suitable for horizontally scalable web and cloud applications that are configured as part of self service. Users have every option here – from a virtual server to a complex environment. As with the DSI vCloud, the services from the Open Telekom Cloud can be charged per use on the basis of hourly rates. Alternatively, there are monthly quotas for specific flavors with terms of 12, 24 or 36 months. In addition, a fixed-price variant for members wishing to have dedicated hardware resources operated specially for them is offered.