Image from a T-Systems and Bosch dataspace event

T-Systems expands dataspace portfolio

The integration of the digital twin registry powered by Bosch facilitates the scalability of digital twins for data ecosystems

February 29 2024

The extended offer is already available

The groundbreaking partnership between Bosch Connected Industry and T-Systems for digital twins and data ecosystems was announced on 28th February at this year’s Bosch Connected World in Berlin. As a system integrator, T-Systems provides the connector and the interface for participation in data spaces and data ecosystems and is now integrating the Bosch Digital Twin Registry.

Create, store, and securely share digital twins

Image from a T-Systems and Bosch dataspace event

(from l. to r.) Ulrich Wolters (Head of Product Area Bosch Semantic Stack, Bosch Connected Industry), Christian Hort (SVP Automotive, T-Systems), Chris S. Langdon (Business Lead, Data Analytics Executive, Catena-X Product Manager, T-Systems), Aemen Bouafif (CFO, Bosch Connected Industry). Photo: Jakob Nawka

The collaboration between Bosch Connected Industry and T-Systems results in a new offering for the manufacturing industry. T-Systems provides the infrastructure and the “phone plug” for connecting to decentralized data ecosystems and enabling data exchange while maintaining data sovereignty and Bosch Connected Industry contributes the technology to manage digital twins. The Digital Twin Registry from the Bosch Semantic Stack can best be described in simple terms as a “telephone book” for digital twins.

Both companies are heavily involved in various open-source and standardization projects related to digital twins and data spaces. The common goal of this offering is to advance the standardization of data ecosystems and reduce barriers for customers seeking to benefit from such technological advances.

The connection to Catena-X for additional benefit

This tailor-made offer is aimed particularly at large and medium-sized companies in the manufacturing industry. It is particularly relevant for stakeholders who participate or plan to participate in the Catena-X network for the automotive industry. Both solutions are certified by Catena-X, and by synergizing the strengths of both companies, users can benefit from a scalable, industry-strengthened option for their cross-department, cross-company, and cross-border data management and data exchange.

The partnership has several advantages for customers. The Powerful Digital Twin Registry is directly integrated into T-Systems’ dataspace portfolio, resulting in greater scalability of the digital twins and less effort during implementation. In addition, customers benefit from a certified all-in-one solution for Catena-X.

White paper: How data sovereignty enables the next future of automotive

How to view data spaces as a supply chain for data – sovereign, decentralized and on-demand?

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