Market leader for network-based services

Oct 12, 2017

The research and advisory company GlobalData has named Deutsche Telekom as the market leader for company networks and network-based IT services in Europe for the second consecutive time.
Deutsche Telekom is the leader in network-based business services.
Market leadership confirmed: In the new company ranking compiled by GlobalData, Deutsche Telekom achieved the highest position, leader, for network-based business services in Europe once again. In particular, Deutsche Telekom impressed the analysts in the areas of Vision/Strategy, Momentum & Stability and Service & Support. It also scored highly with its global network and growth strategy. The Company Assessment noted that Deutsche Telekom combines secure, stable, state-of-the-art and global network access with data-center and cloud infrastructure. The company’s goal is to provide the best possible applications with flexible services in price segments for all industries, the assessment said.

Access to global network

The analysts regard Deutsche Telekom as the established network and communication service provider in Germany and as the company that dominates the market in key segments. GlobalData also praised the company's growth strategy. The research firm pointed in particular to the company’s investments in the partnership with British Telecommunications and in the business of the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Mobile USA. These investments give Deutsche Telekom access to a global network, the analysts noted. They also expressed their approval of the company's strategy to seek out partnerships and alliances like the FreeMove Alliance and ngena. Turning to Deutsche Telekom's plan to offer seamless, integrated services, GlobalData described the effort as ambitious, but heading in the right direction. It added that the Group would reach its goal faster than its competitors would.

Improved compliance with deadlines, satisfied customers

Deutsche Telekom was also rated highly in terms of customer service and support. GlobalData's analysts pointed in particular to technician appointments on Saturdays, improved compliance with deadlines and the rollout of an integrated sales and service app in six national companies. GlobalData also noted that the forward-looking work on Zero Outage, that is, totally error-free network operations, is leading to increased customer satisfaction.
The Technology Group within GlobalData was created through the merger of Current Analysis and other analytical firms in early 2016. Its analysts most recently studied the sector for company networks and network-based IT services in Europe in February 2017. Deutsche Telekom emerged as the market leader here as well.
Competitive Index – Business Services Europe
Infographic GlobalData: Competitive Index – Business Services Europe
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