SBB and T-Systems – Into the cloud at full steam

Nov 19, 2015

Travel and transportation companies benefit from the transformation to the cloud. They can cut costs and boost agility in a highly dynamic environment. That's why Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) has also decided to migrate its IT systems to the cloud, with the support of long-standing partner T-Systems.
A few key figures from SBB clearly illustrate how effective the implementation of cloud-based processes by T-Systems can be: a rail network spanning 3,000 kilometers, with over 800 stations, more than 430 million passenger journeys and over 53 million tons of transported goods – with an on-time average of 87.7 percent in 2014. In this environment, the primary challenge for SBB and T-Systems is to cover load peaks reliably, while at the same time guaranteeing robust systems.
To achieve this, SBB has commissioned T-Systems to migrate its conventional data center and infrastructure services, along with databases, applications and middleware, step by step. T-Systems has already transformed both managed services and self-managed services at SBB for the cloud. Additional systems will be examined for their migration potential in the coming months and will ultimately follow.
Jochen Decker, Head of IT Strategy, Architecture and Quality at SBB, comments: "T-Systems is an innovative partner with international expertise, along with extensive experience and testimonials in transformation and the operation of cloud services. By migrating to the cloud, we expect significantly lower operating costs paired with improved agility, enabling us to adapt to SBB's business demands more quickly. We have full faith in our long-time partner."
To find the right solution, T-Systems and SBB consulted extensively in advance and combined international and local services – custom-tailored to the company's requirements. Pierre Klatt, Managing Director of T-Systems in Switzerland, continues: "We are confident that we can fully support SBB on their way to a digital future with our local and international services."
The execution of this pioneering project is based on a partnership that began in 2006. As such, the customer and principal can look back at a long history of trust. In 2013, SBB renewed its contracts with T-Systems ahead of time, extending the collaboration to the year 2018.