Total protection from the cloud

Mar 17, 2016

There is no easier way for businesses to protect themselves against viruses, worms and hackers on the World Wide Web. With Internet Protect Pro, T-Systems offers its customers a security solution that can be installed and activated immediately.
Internet Protect Pro schützt Benutzer auf jedem Gerät an jedem Standort gegen Bedrohungen aus dem Internet.
Hackers are becoming more ingenious every day as they attack not only networks and servers but also software-controlled and connected devices such as smart door locks or fitness trackers. New forms of attack require new defense techniques, because protecting the perimeter (boundaries) alone is not enough.

Real-time analysis of cyber attacks

Real-time big data analyses bring relief. They analyze the behavior of data in the system and detect behavioral or status anomalies. Put simply, if 10,000 data items turn left at the intersection and one turns right, this might indicate that something is not as it should be. Modern security solutions detect this suspicious item and block its progress. Smart traps like the so-called “honeypots” strategically attract potential attackers of corporate networks with seemingly interesting data or systems and incapacitate them. 

Simple all-around protection against cyber attacks

New methods of attack require new defense mechanisms, but they must still be affordable for everyone. Together with its partner Zscaler, Deutsche Telekom is presenting affordable and uncomplicated all-around protection at this year’s CeBIT in the form of Internet Protect Pro. The solution protects every user on every device at every location against threats from the Internet. "We make security simple, and easy to understand and use, because companies don't have to build an expensive infrastructure to run Internet Protect Pro. Internet Protect Pro provides complete protection for the entire company and all its branches worldwide," said Dr. Ferri Abolhassan, Managing Director at T-Systems of the IT Division and Telekom Security.

Cyber shield from the network

Internet Protect Pro shifts the functions of firewalls, intrusion prevention systems and proxy servers, as well as the functions of systems that protect against viruses and novel malware, into the Deutsche Telekom cloud. The solution protects against cyber attacks, data leaks, malware execution and data theft in real time. Internet Protect Pro isolates suspicious files and executes them in a protected environment. This requires less proprietary hardware on site. Plus, there are no additional costs for IT administration and configuration.
Deutsche Telekom operates the Zscaler solution in its high-security data center in Biere. In this data center, Deutsche Telekom ensures that customer and company data cannot leave Germany by any unauthorized routes. Internet Protect Pro will become available in the second quarter of 2016 for a free test phase. As of summer 2016, the solution will be an integral part of the new Magenta Security portfolio.