Adaptable global network

Sep 21, 2017

Since September 10, T-Systems has offered German companies the "Smart SD WAN powered by ngena" global IP VPN. The network is flexible, adaptable and available internationally.
Smart SD-WAN powered by ngena
New VPN connections and higher bandwidths can be provided in just a few days, firewalls and multi-VPNs virtually at the push of a button. "As a founding partner of ngena (Next Generation Enterprise Network Alliance), we offer globally standardized IP VPNs. These can be provided in a very short time and adapted extremely quickly, nearly anywhere around the world. After all, sectors and markets are changing quickly – and international company networks need to be just as adaptable," said Reinhold Wiesenfarth, Senior Vice President TC Portfolio Management at T-Systems.
T-Systems' new "Smart SD WAN" offering, which provides a global, hybrid IP VPN for companies, offers this flexibility. Internationally standardized products and processes, combined with a high level of cross-carrier automation, ensure that companies can get new connections and network services quickly, practically with a click of the mouse. Effective immediately, companies with their headquarters in Germany can link their international sites using the appropriate access option. Depending on the access design (XS, S or M), Smart SD WAN offers high-performance Ethernet connections or low-cost Internet VPN access, with simple or redundant lines.
At the moment, sites in Germany and other parts of Europe can be connected, as well as in North America and Hong Kong. Connections will be available in many other countries by the end of the year. Smart SD WAN will then also be offered by the T-Systems local business units – and for customers with their headquarters outside Germany. In the coming months, new value-added services will extend the scope of Smart SD WAN. And with the L and XL options, additional redundant, Ethernet-based access designs will be added by the turn of the year.

Fast, global and secure thanks to software-defined networking

Smart SD WAN is based on the partner model from ngena, the Next Generation Enterprise Network Alliance (, which Deutsche Telekom established together with co-founders CenturyLink, Reliance Jio, and SK Telekom at the beginning of 2016. In the meantime, many other telecommunications providers have joined the alliance, interconnecting their own networks through the central ngena platform to create a global infrastructure – including Altice with SFR and Portugal Telecom, Neutrona and PCCW Global, as well as the technology partners Cisco, Comarch and Equinix. Other partners are set to join soon.
Thanks to virtual network technology (software-defined networking (SDN)), the company networks can be operated, managed and monitored centrally and automatically. As a result, T-Systems can provide VPN access and services for Smart SD WAN within a very short time frame – globally and with particularly high quality and security.