Open Telekom Cloud – a great tool, for the Internet of Things, too

May 3, 2016

The Open Telekom Cloud – a crucial pillar for the Internet of Things. OpenStack and maximum security eliminate all doubt.
A recent study by VDE, the German association for electrical engineering, electronics and information technology, emphasizes why the Open Telekom Cloud has hit the market at exactly the right time. The greatest barrier by far to the spread of the Internet of Things (IoT) is IT security – a concern expressed by 74 percent of companies. This figure is based on a survey that the association conducted among its members at Hannover Messe. According to the results, nine of ten of the surveyed companies see IT security as critical to the success of IoT and other digital applications, such as Industry 4.0. A lack of norms and standards was cited by 50 percent of the surveyed companies, with an equal number naming insufficient ICT infrastructure. The clear result: the will is there, but the tools have been lacking – until now.
Open Telekom Cloud – a great tool

A cloud "Made in Germany"

The Open Telekom Cloud aims to bridge this very gap. As a cloud "Made in Germany," it represents the ideal foundation for European IoT technologies. Hosted by Deutsche Telekom at its maximum security, dual-core data centers in Biere and Magdeburg, it stands for maximum privacy in accordance with Germany's strict laws, with equally high data protection. It is also based on OpenStack technology – which counters the "insufficient ICT infrastructure" argument. As a result, when millions of heterogeneous devices, sensors and computers are linked up in IoT environments, the Open Telekom Cloud ensures that everything functions smoothly. There are no proprietary interfaces, for example, to stand in the way of maximum interoperability.

Fast, open access for developers

This also makes the Open Telekom Cloud a truly innovative cloud, because every developer has access to the open source code and can implement new business models, such as mobile apps, at a rapid pace.


While the companies surveyed for the study cite challenges to the IoT, at the same time, they are very optimistic that this industrial revolution will simply "be there" in ten years – and the Open Telekom Cloud will certainly play a key role in this development.