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Leading Salesforce services provider in Germany

Three leader positions in ISG Provider Lens™ for Salesforce Ecosystem Partners, Germany 2021

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T-Systems as a leading Salesforce services provider in Germany

T-Systems/Deutsche Telekom (MMS) has been recognised by ISG as leading Salesforce services provider in Germany.

Leader in three categories

Implementation Services for Core Clouds Midmarket_Leader_badge

In its Provider Lens™ for Salesforce Ecosystem Partners, Germany 2021, ISG evaluated more than 30 vendors and positioned T-Systems as a leader in three categories – Implementation Services for Core Clouds Midmarket, Implementation Services for Marketing Cloud Midmarket, and Managed Application Services for Midmarket. ISG has highlighted strong focus on DACH midmarket customers, extensive experience in customized solutions and full-service packages for Salesforce applications as some of the key differentiating factors for T-Systems.

Market leader in Salesforce implementation services for core clouds

Implementation Services for Core Clouds Midmarket

ISG has recognized T-Systems’ well-defined development methodology, preconfigured industry solutions, and integration services as key strengths which enables it as a market leading Salesforce service provider in mid-market segment. Apart from these, T-Systems’ strong positioning in DACH region with capability to cover global rollouts for customers through regional subsidiaries is a key differentiator highlighted by ISG in its report.   

Deutsche Telekom is a leading vendor offering full-service packages for Salesforce applications with a focus on midmarket customers in Europe.


Specialist in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Implementation Services for Marketing Cloud Midmarket

T-Systems’ Multimedia Solutions unit (MMS) focuses on marketing specific requirements and covering end-to-end design and implementation of solutions based on Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It also has extensive experience in individual developments and enhancements in the Marketing Cloud space. ISG has taken a note of T-Systems’ own Salesforce training academy, which enables both its own and customer’s employees to gain appropriate technical qualifications in Salesforce.

ISG Provider Lens™ – Germany

T-Systems is ranked as a leader for Salesforce services in Germany by ISG in its Provider Lens™ – Salesforce Ecosystem Partners 2021.

Market leader in managed application services

Managed Application Services for Midmarket

T-Systems offers extremely flexible support model for ongoing operation of Salesforce applications for customers in a cost optimized manner. It is based on a fixed amount per Salesforce license used, which can vary depending on the service level selected and covers incident management, application monitoring and system maintenance. T-Systems provides an option to add additional contingencies for changes. T-Systems is currently the only Salesforce service provider in Europe who offers reselling of Salesforce licenses with project implementation and subsequent operation as a combined full-service package.

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