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Cybersecurity rules

Manufacturing preparing for next-generation cyberattacks

Non-disruptive cyber security for the industry 4.0

Cybersecurity rules
As enterprises continue to embrace digitization the significance of IT security soars. The simple reason: IT security’s crucial role for service availability and thus for business itself. Despite healthcare and banking, financial services and insurance being still top in IT security expenses manufacturing is fast emerging as a high-risk industry for breaches and attacks due to rapid growth in industrial IoT devices and Industry 4.0 initiatives. Manufacturing enterprises need to professionalize IT security and build the appropriate cybersecurity functions and capabilities to protect their assets. 
One of the most fundamental tasks on the agenda is the set-up or development of a Security Operations Center (SOC). The SOC acts as a master control station providing 24/7 coverage to predict, prevent, detect, assess and respond to security threats and incidents. But many are discovering gaps in their technical abilities to meet the needs of a professional SOC – some in terms of skills, some in terms of technology, some in terms of budget. 
Here at T-Systems, we are pleased to bring you our whitepaper ‘Non-disruptive Cyber Security for the Industry 4.0’ featuring Gartner’s report: ‘Selecting the right SOC model for your organization’. Inside, we believe you will learn how companies can successfully tackle their challenges on their way to a modern SOC that is ready to provide up-to-date security services for the business.  
In addition, our whitepaper offers the following:
  1. Explanation of 5 SOC models with respective criteria, that allow you to choose the best approach for your situation
  2. The importance of business alignment of the SOC’s tasks
  3. Abilities and services of a modern SOC beyond simple SIEM
  4. Advice when cooperation with an external provider is recommended
Gartner, Selecting the right SOC model for your organization, Gorka Sadowski, Craig Lawson, Toby Bussa, Pete Shoard, Rajpreet Kaur, Mitchell Schneider, 18. September 2018.

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