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Digitalized Bank Branch of the Future

Optimizing processes with innovative solutions and tailoring them to current client needs

Process digitalization: streamlining banking and client processes

Companies need efficient process management to optimize costs and retain customers. The coronavirus crisis has highlighted the necessity of disruption-free communication with colleagues or customers in today's working world. Through consistent end-to-end consideration of the processes, we combine high automated usability levels with our solutions, low-cost operation and quick response to changed framework conditions.

Salesforce cloud: all customer data and channels at a glance

Website, online banking, branch: Today, clients can get their information through all the company's channels at the same time. This increases their expectation that client advisors will know instantly which service they want and what information or client data may be of use to them. Successful customer service and marketing can, therefore, only succeed with a 360-degree view - especially in the branch. As the largest reselling and integration partner of Salesforce, we offer banks a flexible Salesforce cloud platform that allows them to design their clients' individual journeys through Salesforce. The cloud operations comply with all applicable laws and regulations and the solution can be onboarded quickly.

Health@Work: protecting employees and customers

The coronavirus pandemic has shown that anyone who wants to protect their employees and visitors and comply with policy guidelines must adapt their working conditions and processes: social distancing, limits on numbers of people in meeting rooms and quick identification of infected individuals are just a few of the measures designed to prevent sending the whole company into quarantine or a branch lockdown.

Multichannel solutions for the digital bank branch

With innovative solutions and tools, new omnichannel strategies can be implemented while saving costs and reviving dwindling client engagement through online banking. We would be happy to advise you on the solutions you can use to future-proof your branches and omnichannel.

Building Monitoring & Analytics: monitor buildings in real time

Which room is being used and when? Are doors and windows closed in the evening? How many people enter the canteen? What is the air quality like in the conference room? The all-in-one solution, Building Monitoring & Analytics, answers these questions and allows banks to monitor their entire building infrastructure easily online. Room sensors record the movement of people, the status of windows and doors, temperature, humidity, brightness or CO2 content. Special software analyzes and visualizes the data in near real time. This reduces facility management costs and improves service. 

BehavioSec: behavior-based client authentication

An ever-growing number of processes can now be run in their entirety online using the internet. Whether it is online banking, the conclusion of contracts or virtual health advice. A major challenge here is the secure authentication of users, which tends to be done mainly by entering a username/PIN and password. But this is reaching its limits and misuse is on the rise. With BehavioSec, T-Systems offers a new authentication method that uses machine learning to create individual user profiles from keystrokes, cursor movements, touchscreen pressure and other activities. It secures online processes by continuously recording user behavior from login to logout.

Omnichannel advice: The branch comes to the client

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the process: a growing number of bank and savings bank branches is closing. Especially younger bank clients conduct their financial transactions online. Even ATMs are no longer used as often, as debit or credit card payments have become mainstream. This carries the risk that banks lose important personal contact with clients, which is bad for customer loyalty. The alternative: virtual bank branches as an all-in-one solution with a 24x7 self-service platform including video advice, video identification and digital signatures using a sign pad.

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