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Why a cloud platform strategy is so important

How strategic guidelines help to make use of cloud services efficient and leverage the full potential of the cloud

April 22 2022Mirjam Wamsteeker

How do companies cope in the complex cloud world?

The market for cloud computing is developing ever-faster. New functions and possibilities are added every day. In addition to this, technical terms such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Sovereign Cloud and flowery marketing promises make it difficult for users to maintain an overview. The result: Many decision-makers do not know which cloud services they should use, or when and how. They need practical recommendations on which cloud platforms are best suited for their applications and how seamless networking can be achieved.

Finding the optimal route for cloud computing

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Use the fastest route, not the shortest. Avoid traffic jams or roadblocks: our strategic guidelines help you to reach your goal successfully. They provide guidelines that help our clients find the ideal path to the cloud and trust the route they take. Our strategic guidelines are based on multi-vendor, multi-cloud ecosystems, application centricity, high user-friendliness, security and reliability. You will find out what is important to us below.

Important guidelines for the cloud strategy

If we lose our bearings for a moment on the road, we can quickly find our way back and reach our destination with the help of a navigation app or a map. What helps on a hike or when looking for an address in the city also applies to a cloud journey: Our platform strategy is the T-Systems-specific map, which we use to map new client requirements through cloud services and support them with digitalization. We rely on vendor-independent and multiple cloud ecosystems, and we are not tied to any technologies. As a neutral cloud service provider, we support all major cloud services and determine the best solution for the client's individual situation from a wide range of providers. The basis for this can be a private, public or even multi cloud.

Applications dictate the choice of cloud platform

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How can the client's value creation be mapped in the cloud so that they can benefit from all of the advantages – such as flexible resources and a clear cost structure? An application-oriented approach is the solution. This means: it is the applications and workloads that determine what type of technology, ecosystem and cloud platform a client needs. And thoughtful planning is the be-all and end-all here: A cloud assessment, which analyzes the existing infrastructure, and the roadmap based on it facilitate the journey to the cloud.

To accelerate digitalization in the company and drive new digital business models, a clear public cloud-first approach is worthwhile. We accompany customers on their way to the public cloud and support them in fully exploiting the potential of public cloud services.

User-friendliness is also decivie in ensuring the success of the cloud transformation. End users want to consume and manage cloud services easily. Complicated access, unpleasant experiences or limited interoperability slow down cloud usage and thus also value creation.

The sovereign cloud: trust is high

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"Can I be sure that my data is safe and secure if it is in one or more clouds?" Clients ask us questions like this all the time, especially when they are obliged to adhere to certain compliance requirements. With a sovereign cloud we can answer the questions with yes. Cloud services are provided in Europe, for example. Sovereign clouds comply with the data protection provisions and other compliance and legal requirements that apply there. An example: With the initiative of T-Systems and Google Cloud, our clients in Germany retain full control over their data, software, systems and operations. At the same time, they gain access to a powerful public cloud and can further advance their digitalization activities. Our offer gives clients the freedom to choose: You can use traditional public cloud services from US hyperscalers or the Open Telekom Cloud, and process sensitive data or workloads in a sovereign cloud.

A focus on data protection and security

In addition to compliance and data protection, cloud computing is also always about security and the reliable operation of infrastructure. A stable platform makes a significant contribution towards business success as the basis for smooth business processes. We ensure that production runs smoothly, web shops are accessible and users in the home office benefit from excellent application performance. In doing so, security, trust and reliability are firmly rooted in our DNA and form our leitmotif for every type of solution design. This makes us the perfect companion, no matter what goal you want to achieve with the cloud.

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