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More freedom for SAP modernization

How T-Systems’ SAP Application Management and Modernization ensures optimal performance and satisfied users

August 24 2023Tim Diekmann

Fast and fail-safe SAP applications are in demand

Cloud apps, artificial intelligence (AI), or hybrid workplaces: Digital applications are increasingly prevalent in businesses. Not only must all the applications be implemented and managed during ongoing operations, but they must also be continuously expanded and modernized to support business processes flexibly. The best way to do this is through full automation within defined SLAs to achieve the desired performance and satisfy end users.

Digital transformation changes the world of applications

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As part of digitalization, companies' IT landscapes are undergoing enormous change. According to the Bitkom Cloud Report 20231, 56 percent of the companies surveyed plan to run more than half of their applications in the cloud over the next five years. At the same time, 70 percent of companies worldwide are already looking at how they can use generative AI – for example, ChatGPT – for their business in meaningful ways. This was revealed in a survey published in May by the market researchers at Gartner2. In addition, the coronavirus pandemic changed the way we work. Although many companies now want their employees to return to the office rather than work from home, flexible working from home or on the go remains a reality. Rightly so, as a fall 2022 study by the MIT Sloan Management Review (SMR)3 emphasizes, more than 90 percent of the employees surveyed stressed that remote work positively impacted corporate culture.

The skills shortage challenge

Whether cloud, AI, or remote work – end users today want the ability to access business applications anytime and anywhere. This convenience naturally includes business-critical solutions such as SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA. However, it increases the pressure on the team responsible for SAP application management in the company enormously. They must ensure that the SAP system software functions reliably, offers excellent user experience (UX), and, thanks to continuous modernization, flexibly maps future requirements.

The success of SAP Application Management Services hinges on a professional service desk that quickly and insightfully handles user inquiries, resolves incidents, or makes desired adjustments to the application. For example, to improve the user interface or extend the functionality of the applications. The challenge: Often, companies lack personnel. They need more SAP specialists,  administrators, or developers for first, second, or third-level support.

Lack of SAP experts in metropolitan areas

In general, talent shortage is a significant problem in the IT industry. According to a study by ManpowerGroup4, more skilled workers will be needed across the globe in 2023 alone than over the past 17 years. Nearly four out of five employers report problems retaining the talent they hire. They also emphasize that applicants with IT and data processing skills are particularly difficult to find.

There is a particular shortage of experts in the world of SAP. The recruitment firm Hays5 identified increased demand for professionals across all IT positions and industries in the first quarter of 2023. Although companies were primarily looking for IT security specialists, this was closely followed by the search for SAP developers. Experience has shown that there is a shortage of SAP system experts, especially in major metropolitan areas – around Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Munich, for example. Specialists in individual SAP modules, such as SAP Production Planning (PP), Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), or Human Capital Management (HCM), are also rare and highly sought after.

Out in front with SAP Application Management Services

Thanks to SAP Application Management and Modernization from T-Systems, our customers remain unaffected by talent shortages. We take care of the management and modernization of SAP system applications around the globe on their behalf. The market research company ISG ranked us as the leading provider in the Managed SAP Application Services category. T-Systems scores highly with industry-specific expertise, customer proximity, a broad tool portfolio, and future-proof approaches.  Ambition 4.0, an ITIL-based framework for managing and modernizing SAP applications, is a key factor in this success. It combines more than 20 years of T-Systems’ experience operating SAP systems and the knowledge gained from numerous SAP projects.

What are the benefits of SAP Managed Services?

T-Systems’ Application Management Services provide comprehensive, end-to-end support for the SAP application lifecycle. The goal: Make applications more flexible, powerful, and scalable, ensuring they deliver the best user experience and meet all business needs – now and in the future. This support involves much more than simply monitoring the SAP landscape. The focus is on forward-looking planning and further development of SAP applications:

  • Analysis of the actual status and definition of targets for the SAP landscape: Here, we determine how the SAP system applications can best support business processes and provide added value. At the same time, the actual status shows, for example, whether user authorizations make sense or configurations are correct
  • Target analysis and planning measures: The next step is to design the SAP application. Which functions are necessary for users to work productively? What criteria are used to ensure the highest performance?
  • Application management: After commissioning, application monitoring and maintenance ensure that applications run smoothly
  • Modernization: The goal is to continuously develop the apps so they are always technologically up to date. In addition, new requirements, such as changes in legislation, can be mapped in the application
  • Integration: This ensures that the applications work seamlessly with third-party systems and apps 

An average of 15,000 SAP tickets per month

As part of SAP Application Services, more than 2,600 experienced SAP experts from T-Systems around the globe – including many experienced ABAP developers – take on the tasks of the service desk. They quickly answer queries about configurations, resolve incidents, or make desired adjustments. Their fast response times improve user experiences and enable SAP users to be more productive.

On average, T-Systems’ SAP teams process around 15,000 tickets monthly – in Germany and many other on- and offshore SAP service centers in Spain, Hungary, and India. They currently provide support in six languages: English, German, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.

The path to an optimal SAP landscape

T-Systems combines established standard services with bots, automation, or data-based AI solutions for efficient SAP Application Management. The cost-benefit ratio speaks for itself: Thanks to intelligent tools and T-Systems’ extensive SAP expertise, from the moment companies begin using T-System’s services, they save around ten percent compared to the costs of in-house application management.

Another plus: T-Systems takes individual customer needs into account. For example, some companies require only a few hours of support for a particular SAP module each day. Others ask for extensive further development based on DevOps concepts, for example. Or they want support for their planned switch to SAP S/4HANA. As a Trusted Advisor, we stand by SAP customers through all important situations – anywhere, anytime – to keep the SAP engine running inside the company.

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