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Data analytics from the Google Cloud

T-Systems and Swiss canton begin proof of concept

February 15 2023

First shot in a Swiss canton's new data strategy

Together with T-Systems and Google Cloud, a Swiss canton is determining the possibilities offered by the public cloud. The partners have initiated a proof of concept, which ensures knowledge transfer, lays the foundation for the legally compliant use of Google Cloud, and identifies options for new citizen-centric services.

Public services from the cloud

Digitalization is not just a concern of private business. The public sector has also recognized the benefits of moving processes into the digital world. In order to secure added value for citizens and public administration, a Swiss canton has been following an ambitious digitalization strategy for several years. The goal of the canton here is to run the applications in native cloud environments efficiently. Currently, it is facing the challenge of having to prepare data analyses on an increasingly frequent basis using data from non-SAP systems.

Why T-Systems and Google Cloud?

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The client is looking for a scalable, reliable, and high-performing cloud platform. Thanks to its outstanding analytical capabilities, Google Cloud has become the focus here. Together with representatives from T-Systems and Google Cloud, the client's team responsible for the project agreed upon a proof of concept. The goal is to evaluate the Google Cloud and the skill transfer, ensuring that the canton’s intended employees can use Google Tools such as Big Query responsibly.

The introduction of a new data strategy for the canton, which sets standards and harmonizes data, lays down the basis for fulfilling the high requirements of public administration on security and data sovereignty.

Cloud vs. compliance

Sovereign clouds promise a way to reconcile the ability to innovate with legal requirements. What lies behind the concept of the sovereign cloud and what challenges can it solve?

Building blocks of the solution in detail

As part of the proof of concept, multiple analytics application scenarios are being investigated in order to sound out the capabilities of the platform, in particular for big data and machine learning. In doing so, the partners are also implementing a concept, which fulfills the data protection and additional compliance provisions for using the cloud. The core components of the proof of concept are data integration, developing the analytics environment, and establishing a data pipeline.

T-Systems and Google Cloud are advising the client in all aspects of using the cloud: from data integration to DataOps, data engineering, and the configuration of Google Cloud, through to clarifying the necessary roles and skills on the path to a scalable environment and the establishment of an optimal interplay between business and IT.

At the end of the proof of concept, the IT team wants to offer its internal clients in administration new opportunities for citizen-centric services. The department is strengthening its position as an internal service provider and ensuring a more comprehensive and holistically future-oriented focus on the customer.


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