T-Systems and the “New Work” transformation

Hybrid working model combines the best of both worlds – remote working and office

October 15 2021

We.Work.New. enthuses employees and customers alike

Through We.Work.New. T-Systems has harnessed the opportunity presented by the COVID-19 pandemic to change and create a new world of work and way of working. The new hybrid working concept is called “activity-based working.” The principle behind this: what you do defines where and how you do it. It’s about consciously deciding as a team which activity takes place in which setting. In the course of this shift to a new way of working, office environments have likewise seen change. Offices are becoming places of face-to-face interaction and creativity. Inspiring project and collaboration spaces invite people to cooperate with one another.

The future of work

Cool businesswoman sits at her desk with a tablet inside an open-plan office.

Cutting edge hardware and software and the introduction of new tools for international collaboration provide the finishing touches to the New Work transformation. Both customers and employees are enthusiastic about this.

The concept and implementation of We.Work.New. is impressive: With “We.Work.New.” T-Systems came second place at the German Human Resources Management Awards 2021 (Deutscher Personalwirtschaftspreis – DPP). More than 70 companies applied for the award. T-Systems’ “We.Work.New.” concept secured it a place among the finalists in the “Leadership” category.

Everyone is talking about hybrid working models right now. Following the crisis, many companies want to put in place a system for their employees that offers a mixture of office-based and remote working. T-Systems has developed an innovative concept for the future of work, involving all employees via crowdsourcing. T-Systems has targeted its activity-based working on the most important job profiles.

Post-Covid: offices become magnets for togetherness and cooperation

Reasons for going into the office are changing – offices are becoming places for face-to-face interaction with colleagues and creative collaboration. Office space requirements are decreasing on a global scale. That’s why T-Systems has developed and implemented a modern office concept as part of its We.Work.New. transformation. Custom office modules are part of the new way of working: there is considerably more space for collaboration, project work, and client meetings. With the implementation of desk sharing, the number of standard work stations has been pared down to a minimum. Single offices are no more – this goes for top management, too. Employees from all areas sit in a single booking zone. The ideal conditions for seamless, interdepartmental cooperation.

We.Work.New. has earned us a place among this year’s DPP HR Innovators in the field of New Work. We have taken important steps to define what the working style of the future should look like. With a holistic concept, the involvement of all employees and a courageous approach to change, we have already achieved a lot. This is only possible through teamwork!

Project leader Jennifer Bath, T-Systems

We.Work.New. – the fundamentals

We.Work.New. encompasses five core focal topics: Organization & Framework, Places & Spaces, Tools & Technologies, People & Engagement, and Activity-Based Working. In an agile project setup with the involvement of the entire organization, the central questions posed by these focal topics were addressed to enable the creation of the foundations for a better way of working for the global business.

We.Work.New. Round table – sharing employee experience

For several months now, T-Systems has been sharing its experiences with other businesses, launching the monthly “New Normal Round Table” to facilitate this discourse. With this round table, T-Systems is fostering exchange between various companies from a range of sectors, to encourage learning from each other’s experiences and the development of approaches and methods for shaping the future world of work and working culture together. There are 20 businesses participating in the round table. If you are interested in taking part, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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