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T-Systems sets the standard for cloud migration

Bundled methods and processes for cloud migration as a standard for company digitization.

February 16 2021

Bundling of methods, processes and security

T-Systems bundles methods and processes for cloud migration and thus sets a new standard for company digitization. With the Cloud Migration Framework (CMF) presented here, business clients have access to the accumulated expertise of T-Systems transformation experts, agile methods and highly automated processes.

The Cloud Migration Framework is more than just a toolbox for cloud migration. It is the heart of our new ‘Public Cloud First’ strategy. We have developed a complete value chain from the strategy through to the operation of cloud landscapes, and this can be adapted flexibly to suit the client’s business. This means it also helps our clients to fully exploit the innovative power of the cloud.

Adel Al-Saleh, Member of the Board of Deutsche Telekom and CEO of T-Systems

Three-phase model

telekom.com Cloud Migration Framework

The CMF comprises three phases. It all starts with a strategy consultation and an evaluation of the existing IT landscape (cloud assessment). Phase 2 then involves preparations for migration (cloud mobilization): This covers applications and systems, but the IT organization and its employees are also readied for the cloud. Phase 3 comprises the actual migration of workloads, including necessary modernization work (cloud migration & modernization). 

“Our experience and the feedback from our clients have shown that it is hugely important to bring the entire IT organization and its employees on board in the move to the cloud,” says Al-Saleh, “because without a cultural shift away from classic IT operations toward the flexible and highly innovative cloud, many of the advantages of the cloud will go unutilized.” 

T-Systems also supports companies after migration to the cloud. The service provider’s Managed Cloud Services cover a lot more than just regular operations. The T-Systems experts are continually integrating innovations and enhancements into ongoing operations (DevOps), whereby T-Systems adopts a “Security by Design” approach. This means that data security and compliance are taken into account in migration to the public cloud and in cloud-native solution developments right from the beginning. The Managed Cloud Services are based on the comprehensive security standards of Deutsche Telekom and are subject to European law (European General Data Protection Regulation). What’s more, Deutsche Telekom protects its network with its own state-of-the-art Security Operations Center.

Holistic approach for the multi-cloud

The holistic transformation approach offers companies the following advantages:

  • Standardized toolset and framework for the full cloud launch;
  • Highly automated, standardized approach for all hyperscalers;
  • Combination of the Cloud Adoption Framework of hyperscalers with the best practices of T-Systems;
  • Support from DevOps as well as Managed Cloud Services;
  • Contract under German and European law, based on the high security standards of Deutsche Telekom.

The modular structure of the CMF also enables clients to get involved in the process at the precise point where their company stands on the route to the cloud. T-Systems has more than 2,200 cloud architects and experts standing by. The company works closely with the major cloud platform providers such as Microsoft, AWS and Google Cloud. However, the cloud ecosystem also includes VMware Cloud on AWS and the Open Telekom Cloud, as well as Software as a Service and Platform as a Service (SaaS, PaaS). On top of this, Telekom’s business client division boasts a comprehensive broadband network that ensures companies enjoy rapid and outage-proof connection to the cloud. For more than twelve years, T-Systems has guided business clients all over the world on their way to the cloud. These include global corporations like Shell and Daimler, as well as medium-sized companies.

Your route to the cloud

Be sure to utilize the full innovative power of the cloud. We can provide support tailored individually to your business – from strategic planning through to operation of cloud landscapes.

More information on the topic

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