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Brilliant prospects

The amazing capabilities of predictive analytics.

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Portait Adel Al-Saleh

Adel Al-Saleh, Board Member of T-Systems Deutsche Telekom AG and CEO of T-Systems: “Think like your customers.”

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Picture shows lottery wheel with coloured lottery balls

The renaissance of prophecy

TOPSTORY. Nostradamus is a thing of the past. But the desire to predict the future is more present than ever.

Several stacked smartphones, in the foreground three different generations of mobile phones

Black lists for stolen smartphones

PREDICTIVE BLOCKCHAIN. Every year around four million cell phones disappear in Germany. With every theft or loss, the owners face expensive replacement costs. A blockchain for smartphone identification numbers could facilitate the locking of mobile devices.

Road signs for speed limit 30 km/h and below for road damage

Fighting potholes

PREDICTIVE ROAD MAINTENANCE. Germany’s roads are under constant stress. Traffic has quintupled during the past 30 years. This increases the occurrence of road damage – and thus the cost of repairs.

Picture of Katharina Morik, Professor of Computer Science at the TU Dortmund University on a red armchair, black background

Edge computing for everyone

ANALYZE IT. For AI expert Katharina Morik at the University of Dortmund, there are hardly any processes that cannot be improved. The challenge is making intelligent learning available on edge computing-enabled micro devices.

Picture shows two men lying on their stomachs with magnifying glasses and heart rate monitors, in front of them toy vehicles

Digital truffle pig

HUGE DATA. A high-performance data compressor, developed by T-Systems’ BigAnalyTics team, enables companies to evaluate double-digit petabyte data volumes in just a few hours.

Picture shows hamburger and glass of orange juice

New dimension

NEXT GENERATION. Experts have long been working on the next logical step in the evolution of analytical data processing. The next supreme discipline is no longer the question “What will happen?” but the question “What should happen?”

Picture shows side exterior mirror of a car, mirrored is a graphic of a car

For life

DIGITAL TWIN. In the product lifecycle management (PLM) of companies, their products will have a digital twin that will never leave their side.

Picture shows footprint and card with arrow and number

One step ahead of perpetrators

PREDICTIVE POLICING. The police call it “location anticipation” and it describes increasing efforts by German investigative authorities to prevent crimes before they are committed.

Close-up of a bee sucking on a blossom

Summa summarum – protecting animals using the cloud.

DIGITAL BEEHIVE. The start-up BeeAnd.me system uses an IoT platform to detect deviations in the “industrial peace” of beehives – a solution that has significance far beyond beekeepers like Magdalena (4) and the global honey industry.

picture shows caricature of Ralf Klingenberg, in the background a laptop and sketches

A & O: Breaking open data silos

PIONEER. In the first step towards data science, RapidMiner founder Ralf Klinkenberg believes companies have to break open their data silos and connect data across all processes.

Picture shows a bird's eye view of different robot arms standing side by side

Algorithmic learning curve

GUESTBOOK. Infallibility is something superhuman. To believe that algorithms are automatically predestined to make no mistakes is a fallacy. Computer science professor Stefan Wrobel from the University of Bonn recommends how to control self-learning systems.

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